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More, more, more…Athena

athena redux

I finished my second Athena entrelac neck warmer last night. Purling back backwards (not turning the work each row) makes this go pretty quickly. But it looks like this Athena won’t be for me. She’ll be going on to her new life as a shop model. Shannon and Emily will be selling the hard copy pattern at Twisted, and they’d like a sample. Done! So I picked up more Taos and will make another one for myself, in a bit. Check out this color:

taos 2

And I bought myself a little present for the next one: 16″ ebony circulars from Lantern Moon. Mmmmm, I love these needles. I didn’t realize that they made 16″ circulars, but now that I know, I had to get a few. Great tools make knitting even more of a pleasure!

LM ebony

I’m also dreaming of some quick worsted weight socks, because it’s cold and snowy, and my boots are just a tad big so there’s room. I think I’ll use some stash KnitPicks Wool of the Andes and make something fun with a color pattern, because I have a lot of bits of different colors left from other projects.

I guess I should be cleaning my house for Christmas, but if I clean it now, it will be messy by Christmas Eve. Maybe tomorrow!

Sing a song of entrelac

It’s finished! Introducing Athena, an entrelac neck warmer.

athena 4

This yarn really lends itself to entrelac. I did try four other patterns, but ended up having to come up with something on my own. I knew I didn’t want to knit a long scarf; time was of the essence. I thought about knitting an entrelac scarflet, but I’ve only knit entrelac in the round, and didn’t feel like learning a new trick in a hurry (it’s just learning about side triangles for flat entrelac, but a mood is a mood). My next thought was a hat, but I didn’t think the intended recipient would wear a hat. And it would be floppy. I went to bed thinking about it, and the next morning I woke up with this neck warmer idea springing from my head. And I love the name Athena for it.


I did have to start it three different times. The fun of designing is making all the mistakes for you, so you don’t have to! The pattern is available as a pdf download for $5 US through Ravelry. See the pattern page for more information.

Here’s Carole with her new neck warmer!

athena 2

A little help from our friends…

Who doesn’t need a little help sometimes?

It’s crunch time at Sharon’s house. Her daughter is leaving for college this weekend, and the longtime UFO (unfinished object) needs to be finished so it can go with her! I had offered to knit the i-cord handles for her; one of them came with me on vacation, but the second had to wait for a yarn infusion, so I knit it last week when I came home. Yesterday, I felted the bag for her.


I love how this bag turned out. Sharon is a genius with color. I wish I had taken a picture before I felted it, but yesterday was a bit crunchy here, too, between work and a meeting last night. There’s a picture of it in this previous post, unfinished; you can get an idea of how much it shrank. I opted for firm but not too tight. If Sharon would like it to be stiffer, it can go back in the washer for a bit more time. There’s a fine line there; the colors wouldn’t be quite as brilliant if it were felted down a lot more. Voice of experience; I’ve made at least four of them! I’ve lost count…

Who’s Zooming who(m)?

I just got an early birthday present. It’s a digital recorder, the Zoom H2.

My new laptop doesn’t record piano as well as my old one did, but my old one takes 10 minutes to fully boot up, and the hard drive is nearly full. I’ve been wanting a Zoom for a while (they’re highly recommended on the piano forums), and a birthday is a perfect opportunity. It will be great for recording piano for online recitals, practice feedback, and Kid2’s school concerts. Also, I sing with a group of friends; it’s guitar and mandolin and a lot of fun. We’re the Day Old Pastries, a bit crusty but fresh enough! We’re getting together this evening, and it will be instructive to know what we really sound like, since we’re playing on Sunday!

I dinked around with the Zoom last night, and it’s easy to set up, easy to use. I listened to playback, and it’s really clear. Thumbs up!

Knitting 9-1-1

Okay, it’s not really an emergency; I’m just helping. I made a felted entrelac tote last year, and my knitting group took it up as a learning project. There’s one that’s not quite done. I feel slightly responsible because I introduced it, so I offered to help Sharon get past the last triangles so she can get on to the round bottom of the bag. She just doesn’t get enough time to knit. I love her colors; they are outside my usual palette. I finished the triangles last night, and now it’s on its way back to her.


Here’s another bit of 9-1-1: The emergency knitting bag. Turtlegirl posted about this on her blog, and it was impulse buy all the way for me. You can get yours here. It’s the perfect size to leave in the car with a sock or washcloth project tucked inside.


I cast on for the Josephine Top, after a bit of swatching. I swatched flat, but decided to knit this in the round, so who knows if I’m getting gauge? Too early to tell, but it’s pretty and this will be a very big gauge swatch.


Isn’t it pretty on the weeds in my back yard? The true color is somewhere in-between these two pinks.



Entrelac socks, redux

I had tea with Anna on Monday. She’s cruising along on the entrelac socks.  The first is done, and the second is halfway there. A completed first sock means that the pattern is readable and knittable, so the entrelac sock pattern is ready to be published. It’s now available on the sidebar.


Anna says that she only knits with dirt-colored yarn. I think it’s good looking dirt! Although we prefer to say, “earth tones.” We bought this yarn at Coastal Yarns in Cannon Beach, Oregon during Crafty Moms Weekend in February. I bought some in variegated blues. It’s Hacho hand-dyed merino wool, DK weight, from Mirasol Yarn, spun in Peru. Yum. I’m trying to finish the Shetland Triangle shawl before I jump into another pair of these socks, but the siren song is strong.


Entrelac love

The first time I fell in love with entrelac, I was looking at Kathryn Alexander’s amazing entrelac socks in Spin-Off’s Socks book (1994 Interweave Press). But it was about 10 years ago, and I was nowhere near ready to try something so ambitious. I was also afraid of skinny yarn at that point. Consider it an entrelac flirtation.

In 2006, I received a gift of handspun from BeeLady, a friend on a piano forum (and now Ravelry, too). We had both made baby gifts for another forumite, and BeeLady sent me some yarn she had spun and dyed. I found the perfect project for it, the Felted Entrelac Tote from knitpicks.com. There’s just enough entrelac in this project for a beginning entrelac knitter.

side before

side after

I was completely smitten. So smitten that I made three more as gifts, with yarn from knitpicks. That wasn’t quite enough to satisfy my burgeoning entrelac affair. I wanted to design a small project, something to take with me on a trip to San Antonio. This ear band pattern is the result:


But I still wanted a sock. I couldn’t find a pattern that matched the sock of my dreams, so I made my own. It’s not the many colors of fingering weight yarn wonder that first caught my eye, but it makes me really happy. Sport weight yarn, variegated so the yarn does the work and I don’t have a million ends to weave in.

entrelac sox 2

My friend Anna is test knitting the pattern for me. Thanks, Anna!