Ships in the Night Shawl

Ships in the Night

Ships in the Night is named for the Fibonacci stripe patterns gliding past each other. This top down crescent shawl is mostly zen garter stitch, with just enough Fibonacci sequence thrown into the striping that you don’t fall asleep knitting. It ends with a scalloped Old Shale lace edging. I knit mine with two coordinating skeins of Knitted Wit’s Victory Sock yarn; two skeins of 4 ounce/420 yard fingering weight yarn will get you on your way.

Ships in the Night shawl wingspan

The shawl is an absolute joy to wear. Worn on the shoulders, the ends hang down nearly to my knees. It’s like a great big garter stitch hug.

Ships in the Night Shawl

Worn scarf style, it feels luxuriantly engulfing. Ella is much taller than I am, so it’s not quite as engulfing on her. Your mileage may vary.

You can also wear it bandanna style, with both ends hanging in front. I’ve done that, too.

The pattern is available through Ravelry, pattern page link here.

The pattern is also available through my Payhip store, link here.

Enjoy your comfort knitting!