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Second Sock Syndrome, conquered

I finished my Leyburns a couple nights ago.

leyburns 2

Yes, Leyburns, as in plural. Finally! I slogged through the second one. The first one was fun because I wanted to see if it would turn out the way I wanted, but the second one was just work trying to duplicate what I did on the first one. I’m glad I blogged it a few posts back, because I forgot how I did the toe and had to look it up!


It’s hard to get a good picture of a sock on your own foot. I like how you can really see the twisted cast on in this picture.



Leyburn Sock by Pepperknit
for the Ravelry Knitalong

Socks that Rock Mediumweight in Eggplanted colorway
Size 2 needles
Mods: top down instead of toe up, twisted cast on edge, no wrap short row heel, 54 stitches throughout.

They’re a little bit loose, but they feel good. I think if I had gone down 6 more stitches, they would have been tight, so there’s a compromise there. But they’re cute! And done. I learned the short row heel on these. I like the fit of a standard round heel, better, so my next sock will go back to those.


Same song, second verse

A little bit faster and a little bit worse? Nah. Faster, maybe, but I think it’s going to be better!

The first Leyburn is done.


I really like the way this fits my foot. After all that fussing with the heel, it’s perfect!


The sock is 54 stitches, the heel is done on 31 stitches, or about 60%. I short rowed until there were 11 stitches in the middle, and 10 left unworked on either side. 9 in the middle was too far, resulting in the little balloon on my heel last time. (No pictures of that goofiness.) The leg at the ankle is slightly loose; I was trying very hard to stretch my floats on the leg as directed, but I don’t think I needed to. If I just knit in my regular way, it will be perfect. Why am I telling you all this? So that I’ve written it down, and can reproduce it in the second sock!

Here’s the toe.


I know how to kitchener stitch, but it’s not my favorite thing. I decreased at each side every other round until I had 30 stitches, and then decreased every round until there were 10 stitches total. Snip and run the yarn through the stitches, weave, and done! Hey, this method has been sanctioned in the current issue of Knitty (by the technical editor for socks, no less), so I’m good with it.

I started the second sock this morning. I love how this little twisted border takes the plain stockinette (left needle) and turns it into something magical (right needle).


Please excuse me, I have to go knit now!

Leyburn KAL

I’m in! I just joined the Socks That Rock Leyburn Knitalong on Ravelry. I’m doing it with Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Eggplanted, top-down, 56 stitches cast on for the ribbing, decreased to 54 for the Leyburn stitch pattern. Here’s what I have so far.

leyburn start b

I really wanted to try this cuff treatment that I saw on the Twist Collective Blog. Theirs is in a contrast color to corrugated ribbing, but even so, it’s so cool looking! It gave me a little giggle to deliberately put a twist in, after years of admonishments to “be careful not to twist” for circular knitting. Be aware that you have to work this part on straight needles; ask me how I know…

I switched to knitting in the round as soon as the cuff detail was done, just before the ribbing.

And I think I may try a short row heel, since I’ve never done them before. It’s always fun to learn a new trick. We’ll see when I get there. For now, I’m just enjoying the stitch pattern.

Knit on!

Knitting around in circles

Pippi 3 is off the needles.


It looks just like Pippi the first, right?


Almost! The Cashmerino Aran colors are really rich and and seem to glow. I wouldn’t call it Aran weight, though. It’s a very nice worsted. Note the slightly shorter earflaps. And now that I’m looking at the picture, I see that I used double crochet instead of half double crochet on the edging! Oops. I’m not a crocheter, really, and I mis-remembered how to do it. I like the way it looks, though. I love this pattern, but after three hats, I’m definitely ready to move on.

What next? I started my Athena for me.


Lest you think that I am in a rut (three of the same thing, and three of the same thing?), I have another thing in the queue after Athena:


My friend Susan gave me these Lantern Moon Sox Stix for Christmas. Size 2! I guess that means I need to knit some somewhat skinny yarn socks. I bought some Socks That Rock Mediumweight (still not ready for the really skinny stuff); this color is “Eggplanted.” There’s a KAL on Ravelry for the Leyburn Socks, so I’ll start with that idea and see if it flies.