Brioche Knit Love book resources

These are resources and tutorials that are specifically for my book, Brioche Knit Love, 21 Skill Building Projects from Simple to Sublime. You can order a copy of the book here.

BRK and sl1yo (for Hello Brioche Scarf), right hand carry:

BRK and so1yo (for Hello Brioche Scarf), left hand carry:

Brioche Rib: English/American/Throwing:

Brioche Rib: Continental/Picking:

2 Color Brioche end of round, delayed gratification English:

2 color Brioche end of round, delayed gratification, Continental:

Brioche Increases:

Brioche Decrease, Left leaning:

Brioche Decrease, Right Leaning:

Brioche Decrease, Unwrapped:

Brioche 4 st Decrease:

The Pinch, for undoing a decrease:

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off:

Suspended Bind Off:

More video tutorials, not just for the book

Where’s my yarnover? Fixing the most common brioche mistake:

Fixing a dropped yarn over, several rows below:

Link to my tutorials page, for brioche and everything else:

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