Snowy Woods Cowl

The Snowy Woods Cowl was inspired by Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening.” It is worked in the round, for ease in working the textured trees which always face you as you knit. This cowl was originally designed for Woolgirl’s Poet’s Club, and the pattern is now available to the public.

snowy woods detail

This pattern is available via pdf download through Ravelry. Click the button, and you’ll be guided through the process.

snowy woods cowl

I’ve revised the pattern to be worked at a slightly chunkier gauge. This makes it very adaptable as a short, medium, or long cowl. I used Knitted Wit’s Aran Superwash Merino. The pattern can be knit with any heavy worsted to Aran weight yarn. It requires 180/270/360 yards for a short/medium/long cowl.

snowy woods short Short Snowy Woods Cowl in Knitted Wit Aran Superwash Merino, Cedar colorway

Snowy Woods Cowl Long Snowy Woods Cowl in Knitted Wit Aran Superwash Merino, Snowy Woods colorway

Snowy Woods Cowl
Long Snowy Woods Cowl, worn doubled

The original cowl was a medium length. It was knit DK 100% Superwash Merino Wool from Oink Pigments in the Robert Frost Colorway. I treated it as a worsted, on US 8 needles, and it knit up soft and squishy.

(Photo by Vivian Aubrey)

(Photo by Vivian Aubrey)


Errata for the Woolgirl published version:

Two purl stitches are erroneously marked as knit stitches on the chart. Row 18 stitch 39, and round 30 stitch 56 should be purled, not knit. The written instructions for these rounds should be:

Round 18: p6, k2, p2, k6, p4, k6, p2, k2, p9, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, p6, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, p3
Round 30: p2, k1 tbl, p5, k4, p4, k4, p4, k4, p5, k1 tbl, p16, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, p3

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

12 responses to “Snowy Woods Cowl

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  3. Beautiful! Would love to knit this in the same yarn.

    • The original yarn is from Oink Pigments, Robert Frost colorway. It was a custom color for the WoolGirl Poet’s Club; I don’t know if it’s available but you can try at

      I reworked the design at a bigger gauge; you can see pictures on the Snowy Woods page now. Pattern is now available, as well as Knitted Wit Aran Superwash Merino for a KAL starting on September 1!


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  5. I’ve just started this….I don’t know what 2 st lpt and 2 st RPT mean…I’ve tried looking them up in stitch dictionaries….I’m tammyg on Ravelry….thanks…

  6. okay I think I found the answer

  7. Hello. Love this pattern and finally started to knit it, but there are a couple of abbreviations I don’t know i, it.
    Can you tell me what
    2 st lpt/2st rot
    4 st lpc/4 st rpc
    Mean? Thank you.

    • I see from a prev comment that the answer is in the chart…but I didn’t print the chart, since I find it easier to follow written directions.
      Sorry ….

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