Zephyr Shawlette

The Zephyr Shawlette is an asymmetric triangle worked flat, from point to wide end. Named for the west wind, it features an arrow-like lace pattern that points from west to east, and a bubbly eyelet pattern carried on the breeze.

Zephyr Shawlette

Zephyr is knit with 400 to 550 yards of fingering weight yarn, and is easily adjustable to accommodate your yardage. Most of the knitting of this streamlined piece is easy stockinette stitch, so you can meditate or multi-task as you knit. Knitter’s choice!

Zephyr detail(photo courtesy of Rachel Nichols)

The shawlette is equally lovely in a solid or semi-solid color, or a gradient.

Zephyr Shawlette gradient wingspan

This pattern is available through Ravelry, pattern page is here.

This pattern is also available through my Payhip store, link here.

Many thanks to Ann Berg and Rachel Nichols for test knitting, and to Amanda Woodruff for tech editing.