Spiral Rib Cap

Spiral Rib Cap: This is a close-fitting cap, knit from the bottom up. The picture looks like it has a flared bottom, but it’s really more of a beanie.

This pattern is available for free; you can download the free pattern here.


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7 responses to “Spiral Rib Cap

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  2. I am unable to print your patterns because there is no indicator for printing them On some of your patterns you show a printer but it seems that is not abailable on the ones I wish to print

    • If you click on the word “here” in the sentence “you can download the free pattern here” under the second picture of the cap, it will let you download the pdf file to your computer. You can print the file after you download it. You need Adobe Reader to read the pdf file. You can get it here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/?promoid=BUIGO

    • Dorothy,
      some times the file down loads but you don’t see it. Go to your download file and it will be there. Once you open the .pdf ( I am assuming you have adobe reader) you should see a printer icon if not move your cursor to the upper right of the page or the bottom right and the hidden icon should appear. If that does not work right click within the pdf and you should see a print command. Hope this helps

  3. I love the Cap but see you say “work in garter st. (k one row, p one row) for 8 rounds. Garter stitch is k every row. What you say is “stockinette stitch”. However, I like the alternate method, k2, p2 better, anyhow. I’m making a GATOR (Univ. of Fl) throw for a student there and this will certainly match that for football games when I do in the blue and orange (well, it’s called ‘carrot’ for color). Cute cap!

    • Glad you like the pattern. You are correct about garter st knit in rows, but to get garter stitch in the round you need to alternate knit and purl *rounds* (not rows, which are knit back and forth, flat). If you knit every round, you’ll end up with stockinette stitch. Knit on!

  4. Love this pattern! I made it for a friend who is fighting breast cancer and then my 13 year old daughter and all her friends wanted one too. Have knitted several of these for ages 6 to 60! Fun to knit! Thanks!

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