Ruffle Kerfuffle Scarves and Cowl

The Ruffle Kerfuffle Scarf features a steek (area of waste stitches) that is stabilized with single crochet and then cut, and finished with a ruffle. (Fear not; instructions included.) Why would you cut your knitting? Because it’s way easier to knit stranded colorwork in the round with the right side always facing you; no purling back!

Short scarf with buttons, in Malabrigo Worsted

Long scarf in Malabrigo Worsted

Not feeling brave? The Kerfuffle Cowl has no steek, but no ruffle, either.

All of these pieces are knit in the round, and are a good introduction to stranded colorwork knitting; only 2 colors are used per round. If you choose a variegated yarn for the contrast color, you’ll look like an ever so clever color genius, but all the work was done for you by the dyer!

This pattern is available two ways. The Ruffle Kerfuffle Scarves and Cowl pattern includes patterns for both the steeked scarves, and for the cowl. Click the button below to purchase this set of patterns.

Not interested in steeking? The Kerfuffle Cowl pattern is available individually; it does not contain directions for the Ruffle Kerfuffle Scarves. Click the button below to purchase this single pattern.

New! There is a Knit Picks version of the Kerfuffle Cowl pattern. The price is $2.99, and is knit with 2 100g skeins of Swish Tonal worsted. Two skeins are enough yarn to knit two cowls in opposing colorways. See the Knit Picks pattern page here.

Large cowl in Knit Picks Swish Worsted Tonal

Large cowl in Knit Picks Swisth Worsted Tonal

Small cowl in Swish Worsted Tonal

Errata November 2012: On the self-published pattern, on the colorwork chart, round 21 stitch 20 should be MC, not CC.

For the cowl only, instructions should read (changes in bold): “On round 11, work the first st in MC instead of CC, and the first st of round 12 in CC instead of MC. Circular knitting is a spiral, and these swapped stitches will visually complete the last X motif. Likewise, work the first stitch of round 25 in MC, and the first st of round 26 in CC to complete the X motif.”

I’m very sorry I didn’t catch that earlier. I’ve corrected it on the downloadable version, so this information is just for the print versions before November 2012.

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