Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains my privacy policies. From this blog/website to my mailing list and pattern sales, all services are provided by third-party services. The third party services will only collect, use, and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to provide their relevant services. Each has their own privacy policy; you can find this information linked below.

This website is hosted by, and you can review their privacy policy here. Your use of and/or registration on any aspect of the website will constitute your agreement to this privacy policy. If you cannot agree with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy, please do not use the website.

Readers are welcome to subscribe to this blog via the “Subscribe to this blog by email” option through WordPress, or any other blog reader they choose.

I receive an email for each comment left on my blog. I use your email address to respond to your comment, and then delete the email. I may hold the email for a short time, if I’m having a giveaway, so I can track comments and choose a winner. I delete the emails after the giveaway is complete. WordPress may store this email and URL information.

Mailing List: PDXKnitterati Newsletter
I use MailChimp to manage my email list. You can read their privacy policy here.
I receive an email from MailChimp when users subscribe or unsubscribe. I delete these emails after reviewing them. MailChimp stores the data that you provide when you subscribe (i.e your email address) so I can send you newsletters through them! If you’d like to subscribe, click here. Subscribers get updates once or twice a month on knitting news, and 20% off all new pattern releases.

Pattern sales and e-books through Ravelry
This is provided by Ravelry and you can read their privacy policy here.
As a seller on Ravelry, I receive a copy of each download email that gets sent out after purchase – these emails are sent automatically by Ravelry and it is done so that sellers have proof of delivery. Ravelry stores your email address, which may be linked to your Ravelry account if you are a member, and I have access to this sales information. I delete my copies of the download emails after seeing them.

Payments through PayPal
All payments are processed through PayPal and you can read their privacy policy here.
Under PayPal’s new arrangement with Ravelry, I do not receive any payment notifications from PayPal, only from Ravelry.

Pattern sales through LoveKnitting
I have patterns for sale on LoveKnitting (and need to update my listings!). You can read their privacy policy here. I do not receive email notifications regarding purchases there; I only receive earning statements.

Thanks for reading through all this! Know that I value your privacy, and any personal information you share with me is used to either respond to you or help me serve you better. I will not sell your personal data to any third party.