Leafy Origami Cowl

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that my Leafy Origami Loop Cowl design is similar to Nancy Marchant’s Forest Wreath, which was not on my radar. I took a look, and the Leafy Origami Loop Cowl has a smaller leaf pattern and different edge treatments. The stitch pattern is based on the Under Dutch Skies stitch pattern in Nancy Marchant’s book, Knitting Fresh Brioche, but is not the same.

That said, the stitch pattern in her Forest Wreath is the same as in my original Leafy Origami Cowl, which makes it too similar, so I am removing this pattern from sales.

large cowl
small cowl
large cowl, laid out flat
large cowl
small cowl, with colors reversed

Thanks to tech editor Meaghan Schmaltz, and test knitters Ann Berg, Debbie Braden, Elizabeth Forester, and Wendy Sakai.