Fern Shawlette

Fern is a crescent shaped shawlette, knit from side to side. The lacy border is knit at the same time as the garter stitch body, which increases from one end to the center and then decreases to the other end. Optional beading along the leaves’ center veins adds sparkle and weight for drape. This shawlette is featured in the Under 100 Knit Collection from Knit Picks. You may purchase the pattern for the Fern Shawlette as an individual download from me through Ravelry, as part of the Under 100 Knit Collection ebook, or as part of the Under 100 Knit Collection print book from Knit Picks. The collection is made up of 30 designs which all use 100g or less of yarn. Stashbusting accessories!

Fern KP

pdxknitterati fern shawlette edge detail

Fern Shawlette, as featured in Under 100 Knit Collection. And here’s Fern, on my fabulous model, Bobbi Sullivan. The detail pops in this color!


fern 2

Fern is knit with fingering weight yarn. I used Knit Picks Palette, 100g of Peruvian Highland Merino wool.

Errata: There is a discrepancy on the Fern Setup chart in the Under 100 Collection book and e-book. Written instructions are correct. On the chart, the YO, PB, YO on rows 1, 3 and 5 should be shifted one st to the right.

This pattern is also available through Ravelry, link here.

This pattern is also available through Payhip, link here.

3 responses to “Fern Shawlette

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  3. Is there a more complete written pattern for every row? It would be more helpful

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