Webfoot Shawl and Scarf

Inspired by a stitch pattern and a yarn, the Webfoot Shawls and Scarf are perfectly at home at an Oregon Ducks football game. Golden diamonds of moss stitch resemble duck feet, and O’s are slyly interspersed between the diamonds.

Webfoot Scarf

Webfoot Shawl

The scarf and shawls all begin with the same border; the difference is in the crescent shaping that is created with simple short rows. The scarf is a very wide, shallow crescent, and is best worn bandana-style. The shawls have more depth at the center back, and a deeper curve. Each piece requires just a single 400 yard skein of fingering weight yarn.


This pattern is available as a pdf file through Ravelry.com; payment is through PayPal and it’s an automatic download. Just click the ”buy now” button and you’ll be guided through the process.

Thank you! Go Ducks!

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