More, more, more…Athena

athena redux

I finished my second Athena entrelac neck warmer last night. Purling back backwards (not turning the work each row) makes this go pretty quickly. But it looks like this Athena won’t be for me. She’ll be going on to her new life as a shop model. Shannon and Emily will be selling the hard copy pattern at Twisted, and they’d like a sample. Done! So I picked up more Taos and will make another one for myself, in a bit. Check out this color:

taos 2

And I bought myself a little present for the next one: 16″ ebony circulars from Lantern Moon. Mmmmm, I love these needles. I didn’t realize that they made 16″ circulars, but now that I know, I had to get a few. Great tools make knitting even more of a pleasure!

LM ebony

I’m also dreaming of some quick worsted weight socks, because it’s cold and snowy, and my boots are just a tad big so there’s room. I think I’ll use some stash KnitPicks Wool of the Andes and make something fun with a color pattern, because I have a lot of bits of different colors left from other projects.

I guess I should be cleaning my house for Christmas, but if I clean it now, it will be messy by Christmas Eve. Maybe tomorrow!

6 responses to “More, more, more…Athena

  1. I love how that neck warmer looks, it’s beautiful. Hopefully one day I’ll be brave enough to try it out.

  2. The neck warmer is gorgeous! Will the pattern also be available online?

  3. How do I get one of these????

  4. Beautiful neckwarmer. I love how entrelac looks, but don’t have the patience to knit all those short rows. It took me 2 or 3 months to finish a simple garterlac dishcloth. A neckwarmer would probably take 9 months, and several years for a full size scarf.

    Is it difficult to knit dark (black) yarns using those ebony needles?

  5. I have a ton of worsted. Socks would be fast too. Do you use a different pattern for worsted? I should rav this info!

  6. I want to give Aunt Lorna those ebony needles. I don’t know if she’s knitting preemie clothes for the hospital or shawls to donate to the nursing home these days so could you recommend an appropriate average size and tell me where to order them as a gift? Not Christmas, just an anytime gift. Thanks, Dee