Knitting around in circles

Pippi 3 is off the needles.


It looks just like Pippi the first, right?


Almost! The Cashmerino Aran colors are really rich and and seem to glow. I wouldn’t call it Aran weight, though. It’s a very nice worsted. Note the slightly shorter earflaps. And now that I’m looking at the picture, I see that I used double crochet instead of half double crochet on the edging! Oops. I’m not a crocheter, really, and I mis-remembered how to do it. I like the way it looks, though. I love this pattern, but after three hats, I’m definitely ready to move on.

What next? I started my Athena for me.


Lest you think that I am in a rut (three of the same thing, and three of the same thing?), I have another thing in the queue after Athena:


My friend Susan gave me these Lantern Moon Sox Stix for Christmas. Size 2! I guess that means I need to knit some somewhat skinny yarn socks. I bought some Socks That Rock Mediumweight (still not ready for the really skinny stuff); this color is “Eggplanted.” There’s a KAL on Ravelry for the Leyburn Socks, so I’ll start with that idea and see if it flies.

14 responses to “Knitting around in circles

  1. Your Pippi hats are great! I love the photo of Athena!

    I can’t wait to see your Leyburns!! Great color choice!

  2. Ooooh! I love Eggplanthead!! That is absolutely gorgeous! And I love Pippi3 – those colours really do pop!

  3. Lovely knits! Happy 2009 to you!

  4. Wow you’re quick!!! Good to hear you’re making stuff for yourself too.

  5. that yarn is gorgeous. I want some!

  6. I like the red and orange of Pippi 3 but like the blue better in Pippi. ;^) So doing the double crochet on Pippi 3, does that make the ear flaps the same size as on Pippi?

    Understand about moving on to other projects. I threw in the Teddy Bear sweater thinking it would be a little different from the mini’s. A bit but not enough. I’m going to finish those up this week though, so I too can move on to more fun things this month.

  7. My goodness! Look at the detail on that one! I was so inspired by your ear flap hat that I made one myself! Unfortunately I am not even close to be able to create some of the things that you make yet, so I found a beginner pattern. Now that I have the experience, hopefully soon I will be able to make yours Hehe It’s beautiful!

  8. That third Pippi is just gorgeous! The cashmerino really made a big difference, IMO.

  9. I cannot wait to finish my Feb Lady Sweater so I can make Pippi! Hopefully I can get there while it’s still cold outside so I can get a chance to wear it this winter 🙂

  10. Yay Leyburn! It’s a great pattern!

  11. Mmm…that is a gorgeous color of sock yarn! Can’t wait to see what you make out of it! 🙂

  12. I’m knitting the Leyburns too! STR is fantastic for the pattern. ^_^

    Pippi is gorgeous!

    Please review the Sox Stix! I’ve been pondering buying them myself.

  13. The Pippi hats are just gorgeous! I love your story about making the first hat, socks, bags and a blanket all in the same colourways! Way to be co-ordinated!

  14. silencepainter

    I just love all the colors in the yarns you are using!