Autumn Scarf

The Autumn Scarf is an ultra-long scarf that looks great doubled around your neck, and is cozy and comfortable in worsted weight superwash merino wool Swish from Knit Picks. It begins with a provisional cast on at the center neck, and is knit out to one leafy end, and then the other. The leaves are my favorite part. The Autumn Scarf (Ravelry link) is part of the 2013 Swish Pattern Collection for KnitPicks.

The period of exclusivity is over, so I’m pleased to be able to offer you this pattern through Ravelry.

Here’s the link to purchase through Ravelry. It’s a pdf download, payment through paypal.

autumn scarf

autumn scarf kp long

I told you it was long! (photo from knitpicks)

I’m really pleased to have a design in this collection. The collection includes six items, all created for Swish: four sweaters, a throw, and my scarf. Check it out here.

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