moment of truth

I finished the single entrelac sock with the Sheep Shop Yarn Company’s Sheep Feet DK. (Shop model)

sheep feet entrelac

It’s a riot of color! The sun came out today, so I had to shoot outside to make the most of it.

entrelac close

This is fun yarn to knit with, very springy and smooth. What I really wanted to know: Could I get two socks out of one skein? At 100 grams/218 yards, it looked iffy. And the answer is…

weigh in

No. At least, not two socks in this size, this pattern. My scale tells me that there were really only 92 grams in this hank of yarn, not sure where the other 8 went. The sock weighs 53 grams. The leftover yarn weighs 39. Even if there were the reported 100 grams, the sock still takes more than half. ‘Tis a pity, because it’s so lovely. Good thing I only needed one. I’m guessing I could get a pair of plain stockinette anklets out of one ball.


Check out the way the colors pooled/flashed on the foot. This is the sole.



And this is the instep.



I like the way the color zigzags; it echoes the zigzag of the entrelac. I don’t know if it would do it again, and I guess I won’t find out, but it’s sweet!

14 responses to “moment of truth

  1. That zig zag effect is awesome.

  2. Pretty sock!

    As a suggestion instead of plain stockinette anklets, you could try YMMV Footies. It has a nice lace pattern and is a quick knit too.

  3. That sock is gorgeous! Pity I’m still terrified of entrelac. You make it look so simple.

  4. Oh! Express Lane by Diane Mulholland also make really nice anklets.

  5. That is so cool! I hate it when the yarn companies short us on yardage. Argh.

  6. I’m stepping out of the office now to check for sun!!

    Your sock is lovely! Very bright and happy!

  7. Nice sock! Pooling usually drives me crazy but that zig-zag is pretty cool!

  8. Very pretty sock! Love the colors!

    And about the missing 8 grams…perhaps yarn loses weight as it is knit? So, the 53 grams that is the sock really started out as 61 grams of yarn, but through all the movement — the knitting, the purling, etc. — it got enough exercise that it just dropped some grams.

    Yeah. I so need to go to bed….

  9. silencepainter

    Very pretty!

    It is a pity you can’t get two socks out of the yarn. I bet they wind their yarn based on yardage and not weight. So for the yardage, 100g’s is average, but not what will always be there.

  10. What fun colors! So pretty, but that’s a super small skein. I like a tall sock and have good size feet so I’d have to have two for sure. Not that I need any more yarn.

  11. I’m always amazed how a stitch pattern changes any pooling/flashing of the yarn. I’m doing a sock in a self striping now and it’s so different on the ankle part where the pattern is. Your zig zag is fun though. Have you seen the examples of pooling thread on Ravelry? Some good, some really bad.

  12. Gorgeous sock!! Too bad about the limited yardage. Makes me rethink purchasing that at some point (most of the sport yarn I have has at least 235-250 yards).

  13. So pretty! But I agree with the ugh about yarn yardage.

  14. Well that’s a pleasant surprise. It looks like the zig zag pooling was intentional.

    I need one of those scales!