SeaScape Scarflette

The SeaScape Scarflette is a summery accessory knit in sport weight linen. Is it a scarf? A shawlette? You decide.

SeaScape long

This long narrow asymmetric triangle features a lacy edge inspired by the curl of the waves off Maui.


It can be worn long, loosely knotted, double wrapped…so many ways to add a little pizazz to your outfit.

Euroflax minis

The scarflette was inspired by a set of Euroflax Sport linen mini-skeins from Mason-Dixon Knitting. As soon as I saw this color set, I knew what it wanted to be.

Linen gives this fabric a lovely hand and sheen. I highly recommend it! Part of the fun is deciding in what order to use your colors. The longest, narrowest section is at the beginning, and features the most waves. The last section is short and wide, and features the bubbly eyelet pattern.

SeaScape 1SeaScape sample with light green end

The mini-skein set has 325 yards. You could also knit this with a single skein of Euroflax Sport, which is 270 yards. (I used about 300 yards of the minis, due to placement of color joins.) Test knitter Sarah Peery used Juniper Moon Farm ZOOEY, a 60/40 Cotton/Linen blend. It also blocked beautifully.

Sarah's SeaScapeSarah’s SeaScape before blocking, photo by Sarah Peery

SeaScape is a sister pattern to my Linden Leaf. The construction is the same, the edging detail is different. Waves or leaves?

This pattern is available as a pdf file through; pay is through PayPal and it’s an automatic download. The pattern page is here.

This pattern is also available from my Payhip store, link here.