Ain’t no sunshine…

It’s been days since I’ve seen anything this pretty…

bamboo light

I just happened to look out the kitchen window, and there it was. Since then, it’s been rain, rain, rain, and darkness at 5 p.m. with the change back to standard time. But I haven’t been idle. I’ve been making lots of little squares.

squares 3

Here’s what’s left after four balls of Noro Silk Garden Lite. Yes, two little balls, because there was an abrupt color change at a join in the middle of the fourth ball (how very Noro), so I cut it out and joined the yarn back in when the color repeat made sense.

that's all

I really like how this turned out. I’ll be writing the pattern up soon. I need it to stop raining so I can take some modeled pictures! In the meantime, I’m working on a second version in an alternate yarn. I took it to knit night tonight, and finished a ball of yarn. I also brought chocolate chip shortbread, with some crystallized ginger in them. If the combo works for scones, why not for shortbread? Delicious, although I think I like the scones better.

Baby O was at knit night, too, and LJ finished a Meathead hat for him. Cute!


And Sharon brought her beautiful birthday present from Cathy.


Cathy asked friends to send her 10 words or less about why we love Sharon, and came up with this brilliant presentation. The notes are printed on hand made rice paper, and backed with flags of other hand made paper. A bit of gauzy ribbon ties each note to a grosgrain hanging ribbon. This was hanging in Sharon’s office on the morning of her birthday. (It was more spread out there; the ribbon is very long!) The little lights add just the right sparkle.

What’s sparkling in your life?

8 responses to “Ain’t no sunshine…

  1. I’ve been knitting for Tesla (of course) and trying to decide what to take for Thanksgiving Dinner at her other grandmother’s house. There was no direction given, just “bring whatever you want” which makes it very hard. We don’t have a traditional family dish. I’m in a quandary.
    Little people are always good in photos, and your friend’s birthday gift was inspired. I always enjoy your posts!

  2. That is one beautiful baby! Not much sparkling here just yet. This week should bring lots of goodness though with Harry Potter opening tomorrow, Thanksgiving next week and my son’s 16th birthday the week after! Sparkles and fun fo sho!

  3. OMG! I don’t even remember the sun! When was it out last? Yesterday was pretty horrid…good for stash enhancement (ahem!). Love your entrelac project! Baby O is adorable!! Great birthday gift idea…very creative!

    Happy Friday-eve…I hope the sun peeks out today!! 🙂

  4. Not much sparkling here either. Lots to do ofcourse. Had our first storm of the season. Ran outside to pull the rabbit hutch closer to the house and half the garden blew in! Still working on The Three Nieces Project in my car when I’m not driving kids everywhere in the rain.

  5. Oh mine…such a lovely idea to spice up a special celebration! I may steal that for the holiday 😀 Our weather finally turned today with snowflakes falling in steady pace. We are expecting up to 18″ of snow over the week–YIKE! Yet, I do love the winter wonderland spirit snow brings. Your Noro entrelac mystery gets me sitting on the edge, Michele! I can’t wait for you to unveil the whole piece 😀

    Right now, I am frantically knitting/making up as I go a jester hat/scarf (in one) for my flutist teen at her special request. I couldn’t cast on until today as she has been in Portland with hubby and DS. Of course, she would love it be finished before she leaves for the big WIBC trip to Seattle tomorrow—school bus leaves at 8 a.m. What a mum to do to please her child! Guess what I will be doing today LOL

  6. Oh – I’m YarnFest: BSD Project knitting until my hands are likely to fall off! 🙂 I’ve got 2 pairs of fingerless gloves on needles, two hats on needles, and I’m strategizing a scarf… In the meantime (I think I think these things up in my sleep!) I’ve got to plan getting some Holiday knitting done, too!

    Sparkling? Nearly 800 donated hand-crafted items sitting in my living room destined for the homeless students of Beaverton School District. Downright brilliant!

  7. I am in cotton knitting hell. I’m trying to get a bunch of dishcloths and similar items made out of Sugar n’ Cream yarn. It hurts my hands usually, but my hands seem to be holding up fairly well, its my upper arms that have been feeling the pain more.

    Sparkly? I guess it will be the finished pile of future gifts when I get done. 😉 I’m going to treat myself with a ‘fun’ just for me project afterward.