Keep your eyes on the prize…

Because you have another chance to win! I received an email from Cristi (Turtlegirl76). Sometimes a comment is just a comment; she didn’t mean to enter the contest. She’s not a dpn knitter (but she does make a lot of socks), and would like me to redraw for the sox stix. I offered her the yarn and cake, but she graciously declined because she thinks it should all go together.


So another trip to the random number generator, and the number is 22, or the 22nd comment. Marie, you’re the new winner! And as a new sock knitter, I hope you enjoy these goodies.

In other news, I finished my fourth Athena yesterday. It looks just like the last one:


Except it has 9 blocks around instead of 8. But no new picture; you know what it looks like!

4 responses to “Keep your eyes on the prize…

  1. Well then congrats Marie… 🙂

  2. You could have just passed it off as a different picture, I don’t think anyone would have noticed… lol. =)

  3. Okay, I’ll try again!

    Congrats Marie!

  4. Thanks Michele. I really wasn’t expecting to win, so this is a pleasant surprise!