Webfoot and Filigree Scarves

Inspired by a stitch pattern and a yarn, the Webfoot Scarf is perfectly at home at an Oregon Ducks football game. Golden diamonds of moss stitch look like duck feet, and O’s are slyly interspersed between the diamonds.

Not a Duck? Use another color, or knit the lacy Filigree version.

These scarves are shaped as a very shallow crescent, worn bandana-style, and require a single skein of fingering weight yarn.

Note: This pattern has been discontinued, because it is being reissued as two separate patterns with expanded options: Filigree Shawl and Scarf, and Webfoot Shawl and Scarf. The new patterns each contain shaping instructions for the scarf, and shawls in two sizes.

Thank you! Go Ducks!

3 responses to “Webfoot and Filigree Scarves

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