Brioche Knit Love book

Update May 2023: Brioche Knit Love is back! I’m publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s Print on Demand service. Here’s a link to find the paperback and the ebook.

The ebook is viewable on the Kindle app for phones, tablets, computers, and Kindle Fire devices. It’s a print replica (it looks exactly like the book), so it’s not for the Kindle e-reader. It works like a pdf in the previously mentioned apps.

Update December 2022: Brioche Knit Love is pretty much sold out, and my publisher, Library House Press, has closed their doors. I am working on getting more books printed, and will post a further update when I know how to proceed. Thank you so much for loving my book!

Brioche Knit Love, publication date October 19, 2021.

Grab a latte and join Michele Lee Bernstein from PDXKnitterati as she guides you through the basics of brioche knitting. Using bite-size accessory projects as the foundation for learning, Michele will lead you confidently through every step, from start to finish. You’ll find gentle instruction, clear photos and twenty-one tantalizing patterns as you work your way through one- and two-color brioche (flat and in the round), increasing and decreasing, and syncopated brioche. Michele even teaches you how to recognize and fix your mistakes along the way. From cast on to bind off, Brioche Knit Love is the perfect primer for first-time brioche knitting.

What people are saying about Brioche Knit Love —

A sweet, clear guide to one of knitting’s most enchanting techniques. The advanced-level patterns are nothing short of aspirational, and the beginner-level patterns are cool enough to attract even the expert.
— Franklin Habit, international knitting instructor & author of It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons

Brioche has a unique language of its own, but have no fear! Michele teaches what you need to know exactly when you need to learn it for each irresistible design. The clear guidance and inspirational photos inspire confidence and motivation to cast on for these cozy projects.
— Anne Berk, author of Annetarsia Knits: A New Link to Intarsia

If you’ve been nervous about Brioche knitting, this is the book you need! Michele clearly explains the technique and her designs are absolutely gorgeous. You’re going to want to knit everything in this book!
— Jen Lucas, knitwear designer and author of Sock-Yarn Shawls

THIS is the book I wish I had before I jumped into the magic that is brioche. Michele takes you by the hand and leads you gently, step-by-step, using tutorials and lovely wearable projects, through the skills and techniques needed to enjoy and relish the beauty of this elegant knitting mode.
— Bonne Marie Burns, Studio Chic Knits, knitwear designer & publisher

For the newbie to expert knitter, Michele is the master of teaching all makers to love brioche. Just as she draws us all in to this mesmerizing technique through her expertly crafted classes, Brioche Knit Love brings the brioche knitting technique to life in this must have essential new knitting tome!
— Anne Lindquist: Owner, For Yarn’s Sake, Beaverton, Oregon

Michele Lee Bernstein has written the must-read guide for any knitter’s brioche adventure… Read this book and learn from the best.
— Mary Scott Huff, Designer, Teacher, Author

About the Author — Michele Lee Bernstein is PDXKnitterati. She specializes in designing accessories, especially when they use one or two skeins of very special yarn. She’s fond of texture (brioche, lace, entrelac, elongated stitches) and loves the way techniques can be used to make small projects sing. Brioche has been her favorite technique since 2017.

Link to resources page for Brioche Knit Love book here (video tutorials specifically for the book)

Hello Brioche Scarf and Mitts
Seafoam Latte Scarf
Seagull Flight

You can see all 21 designs from the book here.