Pippi Earflap Hat

Pippi Earflap Hat: Pippi is knit in the round, and uses four 50 gm balls of worsted weight yarn in assorted colors. This is enough yarn to make two hats, if you change the stripe sequence at the top. There’s not quite enough of color A to get two identical hats.

This pattern is sized for adults, 20 inches and 22 inches head circumference.

Gauge is approximately 4.75 stitches per inch in color patterns stockinette stitch.

pippi earflap cap

Why Pippi? Because DH said I looked like Pippi Longstocking with my red braids!

This pattern is available as a pdf file through Ravelry.com; pay is through PayPal and it’s an automatic download. Just click the ”buy now” button and you’ll be guided through the process.

Here’s a tutorial on how to knit carrying both colors in the right hand, if that’s helpful to you.

Thank you!

15 responses to “Pippi Earflap Hat

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  2. Do you know that nearly every exit in OK, KS, WY and UT has a yarn store or quilt store? It’s on small billboards by the exit.

    Even though it’s April it’s still snowing at our new digs that, through our windows we see 2002 Olympic ski jump site, The Canyons, Park City and Deer Valley ski areas.

    That blue number would be right fine about now for this TX gal who’s brought nothing west but a few clothes, a computer and Crocs as snow boots.

    It’s April!!! Even in Buffalo it doesn’t snow that late. So there’s no way I’m gonna learn to knit that well overnight. How much for the blue one?

    Zoe says take everything her mother says with a grain of salt. Thanks, Zoe. Cheers from UT!

    • I was in Park City around the 4th of July and there was snow visible on the mountains. We played in it at Snowbird. Only knitting shop I found in Park City was upstairs and closed. Windows were blocked so I couldn’t see if there was yarn, apparently they had something to do with computers too. Found a couple in Salt Lake City, one in a house with a lovely lady from Czechoslavakia or somewhere in that neck of the woods. She had knitted items for sale (we bought). And another upstairs which was a real knitting shop, but can’ t remember the name. Fabulously scenic area. Have fun.

      • I know the place you went to, on the back of Main Street. Genius store downstairs, three years living there and it’s never been open. I guess there are no Mensa members in PC? As to Pippi, I love it and wear mine (the blue one) often. Yes, I send PDX CD’s of a Western singer she introduced me to, and she sent Pippi. I will treasure it in my winter arsenal.

  3. This is a lovely hat, and I’ve been itching to find an earflap hat that I want to knit. I will order a copy this weekend when my knitting budget has been replenished. 🙂

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  10. Is this a child’s sized hat?

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