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Infinity winners: Winfinity?

Midnight! Time to consult random.org for the winning numbers:

Commenter #4 is the first winner, and Alexandra (bloepper) would like to knit the Mini Mochi version. Congratulations! Check out Alexandra’s yarn bombing activities at her blog, Strickbombe. She’s in Germany!

mochi cowl

The second winner is Commenter #11, Courtney. Courtney said yes to either, so she gets the Noro Silk Garden Lite. Congratulations! I’ve met Courtney in real life; she took my Christmas stocking class last year. Courtney, this scarf is even easier than the stocking. The yarn does all the colorwork for you.


Thanks to all for your nice comments. I’m glad you like Infinity!

Knit on…

Infinity and beyond

I wore the Mini Mochi Infinity scarf yesterday, doubled as a cowl. It was perfect for the chilly, rainy day: a soft warm cloud of coziness.

mochi cowl

TheTeen took some more pictures for me, because I didn’t love the ones we took before. I had been in a hurry to catch the last bits of daylight on the last non-rainy day this week, and although I didn’t love the pictures, they were all I had. I like these better, so I swapped them into the pattern, and into my previous post.

mochi long2

And I also played with the cowl/hood look. I like it!

mochi hood

I haven’t knit a stitch since I finished on Monday. I’m not ready to start the two design projects I have in my head; I’m too busy this week to put that much thinking into it. I just want to knit something. It’s too strange having empty needles. I think I want to knit another Infinity! I love entrelac; each little square or triangle is like a mini-project. They go so fast, and you can really see your progress. I’ll knit a shorter version of the Noro Infinity in the same yarn. I already have the yarn; I bought a bag of 10 balls at Sock Summit last year. I used four in the original, three are going to a contest winner, and that means the last three can be mine!

Knit on…

Infinity, revealed

We were away for Thanksgiving weekend, and I had some time to knit. There was even a little snow.

snow sentinel

It was cold enough that a tiny snowman might need a scarf.


The snowman is wearing the fingering weight version of my new Infinity infinity scarf, in progress. No, I’m not repeating myself. It’s named Infinity for the infinity symbols on the center rectangles, and it’s an infinity, or loop scarf. Here’s the first version, in DK weight Noro Silk Garden Lite.


It’s really long!

infinity long

It doubles up to make a wonderfully cozy, drapey cowl.

infinity even

I finished the fingering weight version; it’s knit in Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. I knit it shorter than the Noro version, and I love the length. It doubles to make an airy, light as a cloud cowl.

mochi cowl

mochi hood

mochi long2

I’ve been dying to show these to you, ever since I finished the first one! The pattern is available through the Infinity pattern page.

To celebrate my new design, I’m giving away two copies of the pattern, along with yarn to make your own Infinity. One will come with 2 balls of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi (in the green and purple colorway shown) and the other will have 3 balls of Noro Silk Garden Lite (as shown above). The Mini Mochi is enough to make the scarf as shown, and the Noro will make a shorter (but still plenty long) scarf (I used 4 balls for the sample, but I think it’s longer than it needs to be). Do you want one? Leave me a comment and let me know which one!

Don’t wait to buy the pattern if you want it now. If you’re a winner, you can choose a different pattern from my collection, and I’ll send it when I send the yarn for Infinity. Of course, you can knit anything you want with the yarn; I won’t send the knitting police after you if you choose to knit something else!

Contest closes next Tuesday, December 7, at midnight. Go!