Garter tab cast on for top down knitted shawls (video)

Long tail cast on with two strands of yarn: never run out of tail!

Better garter tab cast on for top-down crescent shawls (less hump!) (Blog post plus video tutorial)

Crochet provisional cast on (video)

A better backwards loop cast on (video)

Joining to work in the round (video)

Suspended Bind Off (same as conventional bind off, but stretchier/looser)

Elastic Bind Off

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off (video)

Russian Bind Off (video)

FInishing binding off in the round (video)

NEW as of July 2020: I’ve just updated the Petite Brioche pattern, and made new videos to go with it. These simplify the beginning/end of round kerfuffle. The older videos remain below these in the list.

Petite Brioche encore, RH/English/throwing. New!

Petite Brioche encore, LH/continental/picking. New!

Brioche, continental, using Norwegian Purl (New!)

(Petite Brioche older video, 2 color brioche rib in the round, right hand carry)
(Petite Brioche older video, 2 color brioche rib in the round, left hand carry)

Where’s my YO? How to fix Brioche Mistakes (video)

Fixing a dropped brioche YO several rows down

Fixing a brioche knitting mistake, 2 rounds later (video)

Brioche Increase and Decreases (BRKYOBRK, BDecL, BDecR) Video

How to tink brioche decreases (specifically left and right leaning decreases) Video

Brioche Unwrapped Decrease (left leaning) Video

Brioche 4 stitch decrease and increase Video

Syncopated brioche, with link to video

Frogging and getting brioche back on the needles, video

Managing the YO’s in the DC Twigs section of Both Sides Now Shawl (specific to this shawl only), Video

Cabling without a cable needle (pictures)

Cabling without a cable needle, right-crossing cable (video)

Cabling without a cable needle, left-crossing cable (video)

Counting cable rows

Criss Cross Stitch, not quite a cable but similar! (video)


Entrelac! Final blog post, with links to all posts in Minerva KAL

Three knit-in i-cord selvage edgings

Purling back backwards without turning your work (video)

Adding beads to your knitting (photo tutorial)

Adding beads to your knitting (video tutorial)

Magic Knot/Fisherman’s Knot: Nearly invisible in garter stitch. Yes, you can put a knot in your knitting. You’re the boss!

Dropping down to fix/rescue a stitch

Rescuing a dropped YO from 2 rows below (video)

How to knit carrying 2 colors in right hand (video)

Colorwork yarn management and yarn color dominance techniques

The Thrill of the Thrum: Making and inserting fleece thrums in your knitting (video)

A little extra information for continental style thrummers (video)

Lifted increases, right and left leaning (video)

How to make stitch markers with head pins or eye pins

How to make stitch markers with flex cord

Blocking a lace shawl

Crocheted steek 101

8 responses to “Tutorials

  1. Don’t know if this will go thru or not. I am VERY impressed with your blog.

  2. Nagyon szép dolgokat mutatsz meg, Gratulálok. szivesen nézem az oldaladat! Ölelés, köszönet Margó

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I met you at the Yarn crawl. I’m sure you met hundreds of people. My name is Paula Johnson and I work at the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters. I am writing to let you know we are going to do a KAL using your Garland Shawl pattern. I do have one question however; I noticed the gauge is for stockinette and the shawl is knit in mostly garter. Also I don’t think I will be abl to get 23 rows for 2 inches in stockinette. Please advise.
    Thank you,

    • Hi, Paula: Thanks for contacting me. Don’t worry about the row gauge; gauge is not critical. And I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be garter stitch, not stockinette. Sorry about that!

      When are you starting your KAL?


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