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Rose City Yarn Crawl trunk shows

The Rose City Yarn Crawl is just around the corner! The 2015 crawl runs from Thursday March 5 through Sunday March 8. There are 15 participating shops in the metro area, check the RCYC website for full details.


I have the pleasure and honor of having two trunk shows during the crawl. On Thursday March 5 I’ll be at Wool ‘n’ Wares in West Linn from 1 to 5 p.m. They just moved downstairs in their building in December, and I’m looking forward to seeing their new larger space. On Sunday March 8, I’ll be at Twisted in Portland from 1 to 5 p.m. My home stomping grounds! Come by and say hello and see samples of my newest designs, as well as some older favorites, too.

Bonus time! Rose City Yarn Crawl is giving away free pdf downloads of last year’s RCYC pattern collection, through tomorrow, February 28. Hurry!

What else is going on? I’m slowly going through my older designs and updating and reformatting them for my current layout. Most of the time this also means making new charts (I used to chart in Excel; Intwined is so much nicer) as well. Each pattern takes two to three hours to make it flow and make it pretty. Why am I telling you this? If you already purchased these patterns, you can download the new versions. And if these patterns are new to you, you can get them at 20% off through March 7. Here are the designs that have reformatted patterns; use coupon code REFRESH for the discount on any or all of these. Go to the Ravelry page for the design; the Buy Now buttons don’t give the opportunity to enter a coupon code. Sorry about that!

pdxknitterati pointer mitts and hatPointer Mitts and Cap or Beret

zen rain shawletteZen Rain Shawlette

pacific shawlPacific Shawl

pdxknitterati log cabin blanketLog Cabin Baby Blanket

pdxknitterati pedi sockZigZag Lace Pedi Socks

oxo cable fingerless mittsHugs and Kisses OXO Fingerless Mitts

Are you participating in the yarn crawl? Come see me!

Sweater surgery 1

…is done!


I removed the button bands, unseamed the bottom 2 inches on the side seams, snipped just above the bottom ribbing, picked it out and knit a new longer ribbing, adding just over an inch. Seamed it back up, reknit the button bands, and decided to make a change there, too. Four buttons makes it one piece of fabric across the front that draws the eye horizontally, I think partially because of the low neckline. Three buttons in a flyaway cardigan style adds a vertical line to the lower front and is more flattering, I think. I like it better, and it feels more fun to wear.

free at last teach3crop

What do you think? The only other thing I’d do, is make this the next smaller size; the shoulders are a little wide. But I’m not starting over!

While I was in knitpicky mode, I sewed up the holes in my log cabin blanket. It wasn’t nearly as onerous as I thought it would be; it was pretty much like sewing in ends. Not perfect, but at least they won’t fray any further!




Log cabin blanket and friends

I finished my log cabin blanket last night.

log cabin

This blanket began with leftover yarn from four entrelac felted bags (pattern and yarn from knitpicks.com). After a while I ran out of leftover yarn, and had to buy more to keep the blanket going. Then I got sidetracked when I designed and made three felted slip stitch totes last spring using the yarn I bought for the blanket.

blue tote


That meant I had to buy more yarn, again. As I got close to finishing the blanket, I used leftover yarn from the blanket to make socks, and Pippi. I had to dip into the blanket’s last ball of hollyberry (red) to finish Pippi. And when I finished binding off the last log on the blanket in hollyberry, I only had one yard left. That was close!

log cabin friends

The details:

Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne
KnitPicks Wool of the Andes worsted (a great inexpensive workhorse of a yarn)
Lantern Moon US size 7 ebony circular needles (last one was 40 inches long)
Finished size: I knit until there were 10 stripes of color on each side of the center rectangle. It came out to be 44″ x 46″
Started: July 2007
Finished: Jan. 2, 2009

I didn’t put on an edging. I’m leaving open the possibility of making it bigger, somewhere down the road. For now, it’s a nice snuggly hanging out on the sofa afghan.

log cabin piano

I love how this turned out. The colors make me really happy!

New Year’s Day

I spent part of New Year’s Day working on my log cabin blanket; I’m on the last planned color strip. I’m ready for this project to be done. I’ve enjoyed working on it, and it’s been cozy to sit under while knitting it. I know I’m not the only one who thinks so!

mook cabin

We had a little surprise snow last night/this morning. It was 1 a.m. I took a picture because it was so magical, and I was afraid that it would all be gone when I woke up.

snow again

laurel birdbath

Guess I didn’t need to worry. I’m glad we still have seed for the birds. (Can you identify this bird? I don’t know what it is, but it’s a regular visitor at the feeder. It’s kind of chubby and cute.)


I found this lone hydrangea bloom this morning.


I’m working on Pippi 2 today; the colors are very different from the first hat but I really like them, too! I’m writing the pattern this time. Still working from the stash. I’m using Plymouth Galway in navy and white, and the green and medium blue are KnitPicks Wool of the Andes.


Knit on!

I can stop at any time…

I just have to decide when! It’s about 36 inches square right now.

log cabin

I started this Log Cabin blanket in July 2007. I don’t work on it very often; it’s a good mindless in-between projects project. But I always seem to have some other project going! And it’s getting kind of big for carrying around. I pulled it out a few weeks ago because Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne were coming to town, and I learned to log cabin from their book, Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I originally started it with yarn left over from a felted bag project, but I had to order more yarn as the blanket progressed. Then I used the new yarn to design more felted bags! Back to the drawing board. Symmetry brat that I am, I have to have an equal number of logs on each side.

Here’s what I chose for the rest of the blanket. Some of it was already in the stash; five are new but the colors have been used previously in the blanket.


It’s KnitPicks Wool of the Andes worsted, which is a great felting yarn. But I’m not going to felt this blanket!