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I can stop at any time…

I just have to decide when! It’s about 36 inches square right now.

log cabin

I started this Log Cabin blanket in July 2007. I don’t work on it very often; it’s a good mindless in-between projects project. But I always seem to have some other project going! And it’s getting kind of big for carrying around. I pulled it out a few weeks ago because Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne were coming to town, and I learned to log cabin from their book, Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I originally started it with yarn left over from a felted bag project, but I had to order more yarn as the blanket progressed. Then I used the new yarn to design more felted bags! Back to the drawing board. Symmetry brat that I am, I have to have an equal number of logs on each side.

Here’s what I chose for the rest of the blanket. Some of it was already in the stash; five are new but the colors have been used previously in the blanket.


It’s KnitPicks Wool of the Andes worsted, which is a great felting yarn. But I’m not going to felt this blanket!