Sweater surgery 1

…is done!


I removed the button bands, unseamed the bottom 2 inches on the side seams, snipped just above the bottom ribbing, picked it out and knit a new longer ribbing, adding just over an inch. Seamed it back up, reknit the button bands, and decided to make a change there, too. Four buttons makes it one piece of fabric across the front that draws the eye horizontally, I think partially because of the low neckline. Three buttons in a flyaway cardigan style adds a vertical line to the lower front and is more flattering, I think. I like it better, and it feels more fun to wear.

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What do you think? The only other thing I’d do, is make this the next smaller size; the shoulders are a little wide. But I’m not starting over!

While I was in knitpicky mode, I sewed up the holes in my log cabin blanket. It wasn’t nearly as onerous as I thought it would be; it was pretty much like sewing in ends. Not perfect, but at least they won’t fray any further!




14 responses to “Sweater surgery 1

  1. I like the three button look better too. Awesome job on all!

  2. I’m awed. You were right – the sweater’s fit improves by being a tad longer. With the three buttons having a slightly A-line effect, it is slimming and puts the attention where it needs to be – on you. I didn’t think it look wrong before, but now it has a youthful trendier look to it. Thanks for sharing these fix-its to your projects.

  3. Fabulous makeover, Michele. Such bravery. Wonderful sewing job! I totally agree the use of 3 buttons over 4 for such style.

    With the blanket holes, it’s a personal choice. I always say if it bothers you, change it. I do the same thing with buttonholes. Sometimes, no matter what method I used, I felt it unacceptable. So, I just re-enforced them with matching thread and needle. The outcome was every bit what the heart wanted.

  4. I LOVE the do-over. Three buttons definitely make a huge change. The sweater is much more contemporary now.

  5. You made that sweater so much better for you! Congrats on having the fortitude to fix it. I tend to let things languish in the FO pile if they don’t fit right. I can’t wait to see more! Maybe I’ll be inspired. 🙂

  6. Are the blanket holes from hard living, moths, cats or kids? I am about to make a blanket for my 2nd grandbaby due in December. Still choosing yarn and pattern.

  7. You’re an amazing surgeon! I love the look. Fits you much better.

  8. morewithles


  9. You are the master knitting seamstress! What an improvement! The buttons not going all the way down the front makes a big difference.
    Thanks for the side by side pics.

  10. The sweater, which looked fine to begin with, looks even better now. I think the three buttons are the perfect touch.

  11. Wow — small changes, big difference! It looks great.

  12. It looks great- like it’s always been this way. Good work!