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Rose City Yarn Crawl begins Thursday

We always begin the Rose City Yarn Crawl with a trunk show at For Yarn’s Sake; it’s a tradition.

Here’s last year, and we hope to see you this year, too! Pictured with me left to right: Debbie Stone, Lorajean Kelley, shop owner Anne Lindquist, and Shannon Squire. Our trunk show is Thursday February 23, from 10 am to 4 pm. The shop is open from 10 am to 6 pm that day.

I’ll have copies of Brioche Knit Love to sign for you; this is a great last chance to get a copy before they’re gone! I don’t know if there will be a reprint, and we’re down to the last few boxes. I’ll also have samples of my applied pooling adventures, and samples for upcoming classes. Come say howdy!

Helpful links: Rose City Yarn Crawl

Rose City Yarn Crawl Backup Instagram account, because the real one got hacked (ugh). Follow this and post using hashtag #RoseCityYarnCrawl

Starlight Knitting Society backup Instagram account, because the real one got hacked (ugh again). The internet is a wonderful and terrible place…

For Yarn’s Sake Rose City Yarn Crawl page

PDXKnitterati For Yarn’s Sake Rose City Yarn Crawl page

Hope to see you Thursday!

RCYC 2016 Day 3

Only two shops for me today, but they were great!

rainbow connection moose

First stop, Wool ‘n’ Wares to see the Rainbow moose. (Rainbow Connection scarf pattern by Shannon Squire.) So much rainbow in one shop! And trunk shows. Four simultaneous trunk shows, plus lambs outside.


Mama Ruby from was visiting with her girls Calico Kate and Bonny Lass. They’re from The Spinning Ewe Farm; Jan McMahon raises a variety of crossbred sheep with the handspinner in mind.


These lambs were born in December. They don’t really look like babies any more!

carl herndon seam rippers

Carl Herndon (C H Woodcraft) makes beautiful things from wood. He had spindles, swifts, niddy-noddies, and more including these very elegant seam rippers. I don’t sew much any more, but I had to have one to replace the nasty plastic thing in my sewing box. I bought the last two; one will be a gift. Carl doesn’t have a web site yet, but he’s at the Oregon City Farmer’s Market, and you can reach him at herndoncarl (at) gmail.com. Choose your own wood, people!

Debbi Stone

Debbi Stone had a trunk show here today. I promise I’m not stalking her, either.

JJ Foster

And JJ Foster with her Buttonhole! Buttons. Vintage and modern buttons for your knits.


On to For Yarn’s Sake. Yes, I was there with a trunk show on Thursday, but I really wanted to see Kate and Rachel, the Spincycle Yarns ladies, to choose a color to go with the yarn I bought last year.


Success! After considering a pale seaglass aqua and a vivid orange, I settled on this pink and gray named Heart Sigh. A good combo with last year’s Nostalgia. I’m kind of a color chicken at heart, and this pairing of pinks fits well with my tendency towards tonal monochrome. Perfect.

PDXKnitterati trunk show

My last stop was late in the day, to set up Sunday’s trunk show at Twisted. I ran into JJ here. Maybe she’s stalking me? Nah, she was there first.

If you’re out and about on the crawl on Sunday, come say howdy!

Rose City Yarn Crawl trunk shows

The Rose City Yarn Crawl is just around the corner! The 2015 crawl runs from Thursday March 5 through Sunday March 8. There are 15 participating shops in the metro area, check the RCYC website for full details.


I have the pleasure and honor of having two trunk shows during the crawl. On Thursday March 5 I’ll be at Wool ‘n’ Wares in West Linn from 1 to 5 p.m. They just moved downstairs in their building in December, and I’m looking forward to seeing their new larger space. On Sunday March 8, I’ll be at Twisted in Portland from 1 to 5 p.m. My home stomping grounds! Come by and say hello and see samples of my newest designs, as well as some older favorites, too.

Bonus time! Rose City Yarn Crawl is giving away free pdf downloads of last year’s RCYC pattern collection, through tomorrow, February 28. Hurry!

What else is going on? I’m slowly going through my older designs and updating and reformatting them for my current layout. Most of the time this also means making new charts (I used to chart in Excel; Intwined is so much nicer) as well. Each pattern takes two to three hours to make it flow and make it pretty. Why am I telling you this? If you already purchased these patterns, you can download the new versions. And if these patterns are new to you, you can get them at 20% off through March 7. Here are the designs that have reformatted patterns; use coupon code REFRESH for the discount on any or all of these. Go to the Ravelry page for the design; the Buy Now buttons don’t give the opportunity to enter a coupon code. Sorry about that!

pdxknitterati pointer mitts and hatPointer Mitts and Cap or Beret

zen rain shawletteZen Rain Shawlette

pacific shawlPacific Shawl

pdxknitterati log cabin blanketLog Cabin Baby Blanket

pdxknitterati pedi sockZigZag Lace Pedi Socks

oxo cable fingerless mittsHugs and Kisses OXO Fingerless Mitts

Are you participating in the yarn crawl? Come see me!

Kathy’s Knit Korner

Lorajean and I had a great time at our joint trunk show at Kathy’s Knit Korner in Forest Grove. The shop is really cute, and has lots of rooms filled with yarn, crochet thread, needle felting supplies, spinning fiber, and more. Sharon Spence, the owner, made us feel right at home, so we took over a room! Lorajean brought her Knitted Wit line of hand-dyed yarns, and I brought my patterns and knit samples. Here I am with Sharon, and Lorajean’s lovely yarn. (Yes, that’s a tag on my Zen Rain shawlette. I’m getting in touch with my inner Minnie Pearl.)


And Sharon and Lorajean.


Sandy came to visit us, and so did Nadine, but I didn’t get my camera out in time to catch her.


I love the rich colors of the DK Polwarth/Silk. It’s what I’ve been knitting with lately, a lot. The resulting fabric has a great hand, very springy and soft. I can also tell you that it holds up well to ripping and re-knitting. That’s just part of my design process, trial and error! I want it to be perfect before it goes out to you.


The shine and drape of this merino/tencel blend is enticing; it’s so nice in a shawl.


Here’s how I’m displaying my business cards these days. It’s a little square shot glass with a yarn ball etched on it, and the cards fit perfectly.


Lorajean and I had a fun afternoon, and are planning and plotting several projects together. It’s marvelous to have a dyer friend to inspire my design work!

How is your weekend going?

Trunk Show time!

Tomorrow (Saturday, January 21) is trunk show day for PDXKnitterati and Knitted Wit at Kathy’s Knit Korner in Forest Grove. Stop by and see us! We’ll be there from 1-3 with lots of pretty samples, Knitted Wit yarns and PDXKnitterati patterns.

Kathy’s Knit Korner
1703 Pacific Ave.
Forest Grove, OR 97116

If you can’t make it out to Forest Grove, but you’re itching for some yarny fun in town, several Portland shops are waiting for you with bells on. The Seattle to Portland Yarn Train, due in on Saturday, has been cancelled due to storm damage (downed trees and more) on the tracks. I know that Cindy at Urban Fiber Arts is carrying on with her sale. If you’re local, you benefit! (edited for late breaking news: Amtrak says that they’ll have service on that line on Saturday, so we may have Seattleites, after all.)

What else is going on? You know all those ancient Greek tragedies, where the hero is brought down by his own hubris? I’m living a knitterly version of it. I’m working on a little design project. I liked my prototype that I knit out of stash yarn (purple), and felt ready to jump into the real thing with one little change planned. I was feeling pretty confident, as you know from my last post. Right now I’ve got a basket o’ chaos.

After knitting the first piece with the real yarn (green), I slowly realized that it wasn’t the real yarn after all. Slightly different weight, slightly different row gauge, and it turns out that it’s not the yarn it was supposed to be! A quick call to Lorajean confirmed it. Oops! It will fit me, though, so I’ll save it for later.

Do over. Started with the real, real yarn (blue!), and finished the first piece. (Again.) Thought of a change for the second piece, tried it, hated it, ripped it out and am finishing again. I should have just gone with my first (well, second) instinct. But it’s almost done, again. I do all the trial and error so you don’t have to!

And in other news, we’ve fallen under the spell of the chocolate mug cake, thanks to Pinterest, twitter, and Facebook. Social media is dangerous! Sorry for the lack of pictures, but we make them at night, the lighting is awful, and the cake doesn’t last long! We’ve tried two recipes in the last two days.

2 Minute Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mug Cake, sans caramels but with added ice cream and bourbon chocolate sauce, plenty for two people

One Minute Chocolate Cake (a single serving, but we shared with no problem)

There may well be a nutella mug cake tonight. The best part of it is that there are no leftovers to tempt you the next day. You just have to be able to stop making them…yeah, sure!

What’s new with you?


Do you have a stash? I try not to stash yarn, so most of my stash consists of yarn left over from projects. But I did encounter a Stash of a different kind this weekend. Stash, the lovely new yarn shop/social space/gallery in Corvallis.


Sonia invited Lorajean (KnittedWit) and me down to do a dual trunk show at Stash on Sunday. It was my first PDXKnitterati trunk show! As I packed my basket of samples, I realized just how much I love designing pretty things, and how many pretty things I have. It was even more fun when I laid all my samples out on the table and saw what I’ve done over the past several years.


(An obligatory pic with Lambert/not Lambert. I forgot brown Lambert on my desk at home, but I always have Baa-bette in my tool kit. She’s a little grubby after 5 years, but still serviceable.)


Dawn came to visit, and picked out colors for a Ziggy Hat. You can pick your own colors through Lorajean’s Etsy shop. Check out Dawn’s Traveling Woman sweater; it’s perfect.

We did some knitting at the table during the afternoon, and I did demos on purling back backwards (so handy for entrelac) and thrumming. Amy learned to thrum!


I had a great afternoon with Sonia and Lorajean. I “met” Sonia through her blog when she lived back east, and was so happy to meet her in person when she moved to Corvallis last year. I’ve known Lorajean for several years; we met at knit nite but the details are fuzzy! Like wool. Knitters are the nicest people.

sonia n lj

If you’re in Corvallis, or just passing through, I hope you stop in at Stash and see Sonia. She has lovely yarns and a great space. Check out her Ravelry group to see what’s on the event calendar!

And how was *your* weekend?

Why is it that…

…as soon as I get past the heel turn on my sock, I lose interest?

(basic ribbed sock in Knitted Wit’s Bling)

mal bed sock
(basic stockinette bed sock in Malabrigo worsted. toasty, if I ever finish!)

It suddenly feels like an endless project, as if I’m knitting for Sasquatch. And that’s just the first sock..

(not really a footprint, just a curious formation in the Hawaiian lava, I hope)

In other news, I’ll be over at Twisted tomorrow from 10 to noon for a reception for Created in Oregon: A Knitter’s Datebook 2012. The trunk show is already there, and will be there through Sunday. My Rockaway Beach Beanie/Cowl is there, along with 11 other fabulous designs from Oregon designers. Come on by!

2 way rockaway