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More brioche classes!

You may remember that I started teaching knitting about a dozen years ago at Twisted, my neighborhood LYS. I was sad to see Twisted move to an online only model early this year. But given the way 2020 has gone, it seems to have been a very good idea.

So I got to thinking: Online shop, online classes. Why not? I’m happy to announce that I’m teaching a couple classes for Twisted via Zoom.

I’ll be teaching Petite Brioche on Saturday September 26, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm PDT. This is a gentle introduction to two color brioche in the round, which I think is the easiest way to learn brioche. Register here.

I’ll be teaching syncopated brioche using my Syncopation pattern on Saturday October 3, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm PDT. If you’re already comfortable with knitting brioche rib and want to get fancy, this class is for you. Register here.

Classes are via Zoom, and they’re limited to 12 students each. We’ll have a cozy knitting time together.

Come knit with me! I think we could all use a happy diversion right about now.

Aloha shawlette class: modified triangle shawls

I’m teaching a class at Twisted in Portland on the next two Tuesday evenings, August 18 and 25. You’re invited!

Aloha Shawl

My Aloha shawl and shawlette are the centerpiece of this class, so we’ll talk about basic lace stitches, the very fun shellflower lei stitch, and knit on edgings.

Aloha details

But the class isn’t just a how-to for this particular shawl. We’ll also talk about triangle shawl shaping, with both traditional and extended wingspans, and how to add a center panel to a regular triangle shawl.

aloha kal day 1

Interested? Contact Twisted to sign up. I’d love to see you there in our new expanded classroom space across the street!

SEA-PDX Yarn Train

The annual Seattle to Portland Yarn Train arrived in town on Saturday, bringing Seattle knitters down south for a yarn crawl. I couldn’t meet the train because I was rehearsing with the Day Old Pastries, so I met up with Kathy at Knit/Purl.

Knit Purl

I met Kathy last summer at the Sock Summit Ravelry party, and we’ve been bloggy friends ever since. She was with her friend Chandria, and Denise, whom they met on the train. I offered to take the three of them across town to Twisted, my usual stomping grounds. But first, I needed to check in at the PDXKnitbloggers’ home base at the Starbucks kitty corner from Knit/Purl.


I found Cindy, Duffy, Judy, Susan…and a table covered with yarn.

AbstractFibers BFL

Susan was just back from TNNA, and she had a samples of her entire new Blue Faced Leicester sock yarn. Judy was trying to choose two coordinating colors for a design project. It was difficult, because they were all gorgeous!


We did make it over to Twisted. As we pulled up, my phone picked up a text message. It was a tweet from Twisted: “Love Stinks! Spend your Valentine’s day hexing your crappy ex with our Voodoo Doll kits! (Then go on a date with someone way hotter)” That made me laugh out loud. We went in asking for the voodoo dolls, and here they are, modeling in front of the wall of sock yarn.


Kathy bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to make a Pippi hat. It will be her first color work. Fun!


I also ran into Debbi and her friend Susan, and Sharon (but I forgot to take her picture, sorry).


All that yarn shopping is exhausting! We had a very late lunch at Costello’s, down the street, and then headed to Yarnia. I’d never been to Yarnia before, so this was an adventure for me, too.


Yarnia is like Build-a-Bear for knitters. You choose thin fibers/colors you want to put together, and they are wound off together onto a cone to make the yarn of your dreams. Denise was in heaven! She got exactly what she wanted for a shawl project. With sparkle in it, of course. Here’s the winding machine in action. (There’s a cone of shiny stuff on the floor, feeding into the yarn on the cone, but I didn’t realize it when I was filming.)

There wasn’t time to visit any more yarn stores, so I chauffeured the happy knitters back to the train station. And I realized then that I didn’t buy any yarn at all! I’m just not much of a stasher. It was a fun day.

Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day here in the States. Are you participating in any MLK Day activities? I’ll be at a workday for the Backpack Program; they provide weekend lunches for needy children at a local elementary school. (For some children, a federally-sponsored school lunch is their main meal of the day, and there is no school lunch on the weekend.) The Day Old Pastries will lead some singing at the event. If you’re local and looking for something to do, it’s from 1 to 3 p.m. at Woodlawn United Methodist Church, 1425 NE Dekum, Portland, 97211.

San Francisco déjà vu, and Single Skein Club

DH & I took the kids to San Francisco at the end of August. We had a great touristy weekend. This was going to be our planned summer vacation, until we decided to visit Vietnam and Tokyo. It’s been a big travel year.


We toured the Davies Symphony Hall and San Francisco Conservatory of Music with a friend who plays for the symphony. The Teen sat down at the piano in one of the recital halls.


He even remembered part of a sonatina he played about six years ago. He hasn’t played piano since 2005 or so. How does he do that?

sfcm steinway

When I told Mom we were going, she said, “I never get to go anywhere.” That got me thinking. Mom’s birthday was coming; why not take her to San Francisco? So my sisters and I took her for a girls’ weekend. My August trip was a great preview!


Of course we went to Chinatown; we’re Chinese! We had a very touristy fun weekend. We even rode a cable car. (Excuse the wind noise; it was windy.)


Before we left, I went to Twisted to pick up my Single Skein Club package for October. If you’re still waiting for yours, you should avert your eyes now. Otherwise I’ll ruin your surprise. Look away!


This month’s club offering is a very chic hat by Lee Meredith, aka Leethal. It’s called Ocean Breezes. Here’s a Rav link to some better pix.

The yarn is Alpaca With a Twist Highlander Tweed. It’s beautiful yarn, smooth and soft. I love the sheen it has from the alpaca. I even got to choose my own color, which made this little control freak very happy.



The package also includes these very cute fish buttons, some cedar moth balls, and some point protectors. And Halloween candy.


Even though I haven’t knit the past several kits, I really like being part of the club. The suspense and thrill of finding out what’s in the package pleases me. The patterns are always clever, and the yarn is always sumptuous. I’ve been introduced to some yarns that I never would have considered in my browsing. Cool!

Single Skein Club is leading me down the path to Sock Summit

It’s June, and that means it’s time for the next installment of Twisted’s Single Skein Club. This club has updates every other month. I still haven’t knitted April’s project, a cool toe-up sock by Chrissy Gardiner. But I will conquer my toe-up aversion soon. Sock Summit is coming!

Enough chit-chat. If you don’t want to see what’s in June’s package, avert your eyes.

Still here? Let’s see!

june pkg

Look at this yarn! Malabrigo Lace yarn, one skein (of course). The color is “glazed carrot,” and that’s a great description. It’s not plain orange. There’s a depth to the color that looks like it has a brown sugar glaze.


The exclusive club pattern is the Seedling Sampler Scarf by Sarah Pope. It has three lace patterns in it, and best of all, it has beads! The beads are a bronzy color (I thought they were purple in the shop, go me) and look like seeds. The beads are strung onto the yarn before knitting. How? With this cool collapsible bead needle! I’m going to be using this needle for my other beading projects, too, so this is a great tool. And there’s a sweet SSC stitch marker to round out the package.

june goodies

I think the gals at Twisted are leading me down the garden path to Sock Summit. First there’s that toe-up thing. Yup, need to know that for a couple of my classes. Now there are the beads. I’m taking a bead class at Sock Summit, too, but I think we’re adding beads as we go, instead of pre-stringing. But still…

Speaking of Sock Summit, DH is bemused by how excited I am about the prospect of a knitting conference. I’ve gone to other conferences before (Stitches and TKGA) but the buzz around those is nothing like the Sock Summit buzz. I keep telling him that it’s the power of personality (Stephanie and Tina), and it’s almost like a cult. DH has also been fascinated by the whole Sock Summit registration ruckus. He’s in marketing, and you can see his take on it here.

And because it’s the beginning of June, I have to show you where that pile of bark mulch ended up:


front flowers

Two thirds of it is in the front and side yards. The last third has made it to the back yard, but it’s in a pile! Soon and very soon…

Free Lace Patterns, and a Single Skein Club update

Knitting Daily (Interweave Knits) is giving away 7 free lace patterns. It’s a free download, but you have to register on their site. I particularly like the Tailored Scallops Cardigan by Pam Allen. It’s from the book Lace Style, published by Interweave. I haven’t chosen my next big sweater project yet, but this is in the running.

Go get your download!

In other news: It’s April, and that means that the second installment of Twisted’s Single Skein Club is ready for pick up! DH bought my membership for me for Christmas; it’s nice to have a surprise every other month, all year long.


If you’re a member, and haven’t picked up your package yet, don’t look any further. You’ll want to be surprised by this lovely project.


Here’s the package:

april ssc

A very interesting sock pattern from Chrissy Gardiner, some Louet Gems sport weight merino yarn (my favorite yarn weight for socks, hooray), and the coolest pen, ever. (This is all part of the universe’s plan to get me to knit toe-up socks…)

What makes this pen the coolest pen ever?


It has a tape measure in the top. Put *that* in your knitting bag!

The yarn is sage green, with a nice twist. (Green in the first two pictures are more accurate than the one below.) I’ve used this yarn before, and it is great to work with.


Looks like spring!