Single Skein Club is leading me down the path to Sock Summit

It’s June, and that means it’s time for the next installment of Twisted’s Single Skein Club. This club has updates every other month. I still haven’t knitted April’s project, a cool toe-up sock by Chrissy Gardiner. But I will conquer my toe-up aversion soon. Sock Summit is coming!

Enough chit-chat. If you don’t want to see what’s in June’s package, avert your eyes.

Still here? Let’s see!

june pkg

Look at this yarn! Malabrigo Lace yarn, one skein (of course). The color is “glazed carrot,” and that’s a great description. It’s not plain orange. There’s a depth to the color that looks like it has a brown sugar glaze.


The exclusive club pattern is the Seedling Sampler Scarf by Sarah Pope. It has three lace patterns in it, and best of all, it has beads! The beads are a bronzy color (I thought they were purple in the shop, go me) and look like seeds. The beads are strung onto the yarn before knitting. How? With this cool collapsible bead needle! I’m going to be using this needle for my other beading projects, too, so this is a great tool. And there’s a sweet SSC stitch marker to round out the package.

june goodies

I think the gals at Twisted are leading me down the garden path to Sock Summit. First there’s that toe-up thing. Yup, need to know that for a couple of my classes. Now there are the beads. I’m taking a bead class at Sock Summit, too, but I think we’re adding beads as we go, instead of pre-stringing. But still…

Speaking of Sock Summit, DH is bemused by how excited I am about the prospect of a knitting conference. I’ve gone to other conferences before (Stitches and TKGA) but the buzz around those is nothing like the Sock Summit buzz. I keep telling him that it’s the power of personality (Stephanie and Tina), and it’s almost like a cult. DH has also been fascinated by the whole Sock Summit registration ruckus. He’s in marketing, and you can see his take on it here.

And because it’s the beginning of June, I have to show you where that pile of bark mulch ended up:


front flowers

Two thirds of it is in the front and side yards. The last third has made it to the back yard, but it’s in a pile! Soon and very soon…

10 responses to “Single Skein Club is leading me down the path to Sock Summit

  1. yay sock summit!!! I’m so excited to learn about all your beading knowledge.

  2. Wow, your garden looks so lush. Everything is so dry here. You’re so lucky!

  3. Loved DH’s blog post. My boss was amazed at the number of knitters wanting to go and the drama involved. He, as do so many, had no idea. And your garden looks so pretty. Is that drip irrigation? Let us know how that needle works, it looks very interesting.

  4. I have garden envy. Mine is looking very bare after our awful winter killed half my plants.

  5. Oh wow, your garden is exquisite!
    So many things to covet in this post! That Twisted club is something I’m going to have to check into. 😉
    In my naiveté, I had hoped to register for the Summit after some of the initial frenzy had died down… Now I will have to acquiesce by living vicariously through you and many other Ravelers!
    So keep those Summit posts coming!— hee! I know you will 😉

  6. Lovely yarn and what a charming garden. I especially like the use of the purple and red together.

  7. Lovely yarn, it will be so pretty with those beads. And your garden! It’s just adorable!

  8. Beautiful yarn – and I love the beads – it is going to be a beautiful scarf!

    Your garden is beautiful…really gorgeous…

  9. Those clubs must be great at introducing people to yarn & colors outside one’s comfort zone. Orange is not a color I would gravitate towards. I bet it will look lovely knitted up.

    Sigh… I wish I lived close enough to go to the Sock Summit.

    Your garden is beautiful!

  10. Great garden, love the subtle mix of colors with the greens, thanks for sharing.