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San Francisco déjà vu, and Single Skein Club

DH & I took the kids to San Francisco at the end of August. We had a great touristy weekend. This was going to be our planned summer vacation, until we decided to visit Vietnam and Tokyo. It’s been a big travel year.


We toured the Davies Symphony Hall and San Francisco Conservatory of Music with a friend who plays for the symphony. The Teen sat down at the piano in one of the recital halls.


He even remembered part of a sonatina he played about six years ago. He hasn’t played piano since 2005 or so. How does he do that?

sfcm steinway

When I told Mom we were going, she said, “I never get to go anywhere.” That got me thinking. Mom’s birthday was coming; why not take her to San Francisco? So my sisters and I took her for a girls’ weekend. My August trip was a great preview!


Of course we went to Chinatown; we’re Chinese! We had a very touristy fun weekend. We even rode a cable car. (Excuse the wind noise; it was windy.)


Before we left, I went to Twisted to pick up my Single Skein Club package for October. If you’re still waiting for yours, you should avert your eyes now. Otherwise I’ll ruin your surprise. Look away!


This month’s club offering is a very chic hat by Lee Meredith, aka Leethal. It’s called Ocean Breezes. Here’s a Rav link to some better pix.

The yarn is Alpaca With a Twist Highlander Tweed. It’s beautiful yarn, smooth and soft. I love the sheen it has from the alpaca. I even got to choose my own color, which made this little control freak very happy.



The package also includes these very cute fish buttons, some cedar moth balls, and some point protectors. And Halloween candy.


Even though I haven’t knit the past several kits, I really like being part of the club. The suspense and thrill of finding out what’s in the package pleases me. The patterns are always clever, and the yarn is always sumptuous. I’ve been introduced to some yarns that I never would have considered in my browsing. Cool!