Do you have a stash? I try not to stash yarn, so most of my stash consists of yarn left over from projects. But I did encounter a Stash of a different kind this weekend. Stash, the lovely new yarn shop/social space/gallery in Corvallis.


Sonia invited Lorajean (KnittedWit) and me down to do a dual trunk show at Stash on Sunday. It was my first PDXKnitterati trunk show! As I packed my basket of samples, I realized just how much I love designing pretty things, and how many pretty things I have. It was even more fun when I laid all my samples out on the table and saw what I’ve done over the past several years.


(An obligatory pic with Lambert/not Lambert. I forgot brown Lambert on my desk at home, but I always have Baa-bette in my tool kit. She’s a little grubby after 5 years, but still serviceable.)


Dawn came to visit, and picked out colors for a Ziggy Hat. You can pick your own colors through Lorajean’s Etsy shop. Check out Dawn’s Traveling Woman sweater; it’s perfect.

We did some knitting at the table during the afternoon, and I did demos on purling back backwards (so handy for entrelac) and thrumming. Amy learned to thrum!


I had a great afternoon with Sonia and Lorajean. I “met” Sonia through her blog when she lived back east, and was so happy to meet her in person when she moved to Corvallis last year. I’ve known Lorajean for several years; we met at knit nite but the details are fuzzy! Like wool. Knitters are the nicest people.

sonia n lj

If you’re in Corvallis, or just passing through, I hope you stop in at Stash and see Sonia. She has lovely yarns and a great space. Check out her Ravelry group to see what’s on the event calendar!

And how was *your* weekend?

17 responses to “Stash

  1. Yay! Good for you getting it all up here. It was super fun. And your sample table was super full. What color should I do the xo mitts in? Beaujolais? I’d love to bring them to Twisted!

  2. Looks like you had fun! Hope lots of patterns were sold!

  3. It does look like your having way too much fun. We are back to knitting up here and have been trying to pick an easy project for the fidgety one in the house. Enjoy

  4. Oh, looks like so much fun! I wish I lived close enough to spend time in a space like this on a weekly (or, eep, daily!) basis. And that traveling woman sweater….makes me want to drop everything and make one for myself right now!

  5. So cool, congratulations! I’m looking forward to checking out the shop too, whenever I can get down there.

  6. it’s been so lovely watching Stash be born!

  7. i just wish it wasn’t so far away from me. I’d love to visit.

  8. What a beautiful shop! That’s is so amazing that you had a trunk show!

  9. Oh how fun! So wonderful, and deserving, that you had your own trunk show!

  10. Fun! I’m like you about stash — I mostly have yarn for 1-2 projects ahead. I do have a lot of leftovers, though. I’m curious, what do you do with them? (Right now, I’m plowing through them making hats for an upcoming school craft fair but I’m always interested in how other people manage leftovers…)

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  12. What a great show in a cool shop. I will sure be shopping to say hello at my next detour 😀 Thanks for sharing. And yes, knitters are the coolest 😀

    My weekend…you already know. Luckily, the house is still standing, nearly clear of smoke. The 45-mph-wind outside really helps circulating air through from top to bottom. May be one more day of clearing :0)

  13. It looks like it was a lot of fun, I’m so sad I had to miss it. Being sick sucks.

  14. You don’t stash? Can you teach me how to do this?