New on the needles: Rio Calina

Well, I didn’t find 2 skeins of worsted in my small stash, but I did find 2 skeins of fingering weight that I could use doubled, for a roughly worsted equivalent.

This is Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering Multi in their Springwater colorway. One of them seems more purple than the other, but that just means that the blend will be that much richer.

The pattern for the Rio Calina cowl is a gift from Cat Bordhi. The cables are meant to be random, like a river. I’m not very good at being random. I like rules; that’s how I design. I’m trying to be intentionally random here, which is testing me a bit, but for Cat Bordhi, I’d do it. Thank you, Cat, for encouraging me to go with the flow.

I cast on while Carole was visiting for wine o’clock in the backyard; she was working on a quilt while I was knitting. It would be sweet to knit this only when I’m with friends, either in person or in virtual Zoom knit nights. But that may not work during our pandemic social distancing. We’ll see how strong the pull of the knitting is. I now have 3 projects on the needles, so I can rotate…randomly?

Cat Bordhi is such a shining light; I’m so sad that the knitting world will soon be without her. If you missed her grace-filled post, it’s here.

Do you want to knit along? You can see posts with #4catbordhi on Instagram and other social media. I’ll be knitting, over here.

6 responses to “New on the needles: Rio Calina

  1. How I wish I were a good enough knitter for this project, Michele !
    But I know I’m not, so i won’t try: it would be a travesty of a small part of Cat’s wonderful legacy.
    I hope you’ll send it to her soon.

  2. I did a project that called for randomness once and approached it a bit (OK a lot) methodically by basically using dice to determine where the random elements would go. So in the end, I worked from a chart, but it was a chart created randomly. That worked for me.

  3. I like patterns but actually enjoyed trying to be random on the Rio Calina – I have finished but cannot understand the folding of the finished scarf.

  4. I like the color of your cowl! I would also like to start Rio Calina, but I can’t open the description at the Cat’s site, I don’t even know why