River and sky #4catbordhi

I’m trying to get excited about my emPower People bandana, but I’m just not. I think it’s even frowning at me! I had hoped to finish it and use it for special election Tuesday next week, but I’m just not feeling the love. I’m going to put it aside for now.

I need to work on my Half the Knit Sky KAL; I’m trying to finish by the end of August. I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s a lot more knitting than I expect, because the yardage on this Huckleberry Knits gradient is so much longer than on my original KnitCircus gradient.

I love how subtle the color shift is.

If you’re knitting along, please post a picture on Instagram or Ravelry so you can be in this week’s prize drawing. I’ll pick a winner over the weekend.

My Rio Calina #4catbordhi is calling my name. I love how quickly this river moves along, big stitches, bold cables. I’m trying to be random with the cables and go with the flow, but those two long lines heading to the left are just begging for an intervention!

What is your knitting telling you to do?


3 responses to “River and sky #4catbordhi

  1. Oh, how I hope dear Cat sees your work, Michele ! – it will give her such pleasure to know you’re doing it.
    And I can see what you mean about the oh-so-gradual shift in that colourway – it’s really something.
    Onward AND upward !

  2. Arlene Stakic

    WOW you shawl is looking fantastic….I love the way it’s moving toward that dark part….every inch is a new look!

  3. Your projects are all looking great! Love the gradient you are using for your shawl, and love the Rio Calina. That is such an intriguing project 🙂