Sometimes you get a little silly: Social Distance

Claudia came over to pick up some jam, and to jam, socially distantly. Music is a balm to the soul. And a diversion, too. We missed our third Pie Bird Becky, but we sang our hearts out, 12 feet apart in my backyard. And laughed ourselves silly.

Social Distance. Apologies to Julie Gold, the composer of From a Distance.

Here are my lyrics, since it’s kind of hard to hear through the masks:

​Social distance ​we all stay at home
And wash our hands incessantly
Social distance: we wear masks to shop, and check out hurriedly
Social distance: we’re allowed on walks, if we stay six feet apart​
We miss all our friends, we miss happy hour, and museums full of art

Social distance, we would have enough hand sanitizer and TP
But there are hoarders emptying the stores, not thinking logically
So for instance, we would like some flour, some sugar and some yeast
We could bake at home, relieve some stress, and have some carb filled treats

The world is watching us, the world is watching us, world is watching us from a distance

Keep your distance, please just stay at home
Amuse yourself with your TV
Binge on Netflix, or work in your yard, while we anxiously await vaccine
If you go out, please do wear a mask, spread out and wash your hands
It’s for everyone, keep your neighbors safe, it’s the song throughout the land
You’re the hope of hopes, you’re the love of loves, it’s the song for all the land.

A little rough, but we had fun.

Also, if you’d like to know more about songwriter Julie Gold, her inspiring story is here.

4 responses to “Sometimes you get a little silly: Social Distance

    • I miss singing in a group! It was tough when the third Pie Bird flew away (moved 3 hours away). And now with Covid, we can’t have choirs this year. So it will be just a little 2 or 3 person social distance singing, for the next little bit.

      > >

  1. LOL! Good song parody!