Autumn Scarf is live! and a giveaway

My latest design is out! It’s the Autumn Scarf (Ravelry link), part of the 2013 Swish Pattern Collection for KnitPicks. This ultra-long scarf looks great doubled around your neck, and is cozy and comfortable in worsted weight superwash merino wool Swish. It begins with a provisional cast on at the center neck, and is knit out to one leafy end, and then the other. The leaves are my favorite part.

autumn scarf

autumn scarf kp long

I told you it was long! (photo from knitpicks)

I’m really pleased to have a design in this collection. The collection includes six items, all created for Swish: four sweaters, a throw, and my scarf. Check it out here. All of the patterns are available as individual downloads, and also in an ebook and softcover book.

And the cool thing? I have two ebooks to give away. Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post; tell me what you want to knit first from this ebook! I’ll pick winners at random after October 31.

I’m having a great design year. Next up is a design coming out in Doomsday Knits from Cooperative Press in December. It’s called Thrumviator. I’ll leave it to your imagination for now, but you can probably guess that it involves thrumming! Mmmm, squishy cozy thrums. I have two more designs that will be published in December, and two by the end of January. This is the fun part, because most of the work is done, and I’m just waiting to see it happen. I’m looking forward to sharing all of these with you.

OK, go check out the collection, and then leave your comment for a chance to win the ebook. Let me know what you want to knit first!

65 responses to “Autumn Scarf is live! and a giveaway

  1. Like the Scarfs, hope I get one of the ebooks!

  2. Lillian Henegar

    The photos – model and setting – display your scarf beautifully. I am torn which I would try first – the middleton sweater or your scarf!

  3. The long leaf-edged scarf hangs beautifully doubled!

  4. I love me some looooong scarves!!

  5. It’s kind of a toss up between the Leafy Throw and the Autumn Scarf.

  6. Autumn Scarf drew me right in. I love it and would knit it first! However, I love the cardigan too. Hmm…maybe I would just cast on both! I would so appreciate this book!

  7. I really like the new autumn scarf!!

  8. I really love all the patterns in this book! Scarf is really neat and would be perfect for my mother in law!

  9. knittingdancer

    I like the Leafy Throw and the Autumn Scarf patterns.

  10. Your scarf is lovely and would be the first in my queue!

  11. This is a great book and your scarf would probably be the first pattern I knit from it, before starting on one of the sweaters.
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  12. They are beautiful patterns and I would be excited to knit any one of them. If I have to choose it would be the Middleton Cardigan or the Autumn Scarf.

  13. I just got done knitting my Halloween Cat Hat with Swish yarns. It’s delightfully soft! Pretty new scarf!

  14. I clicked on the link and first saw the Annisa Cardigan. Said to myself, Self, this is what you’ll knit first. Then I looked at the Thermal Tunic and said, Self, no, this is what you’ll knit first. Then I looked at the Reilly Pullover and said, Self, this is absolutely beyond question what you’ll knit first.

  15. I want to knit your scarf first…just as soon as I quit arguing with myself over colors! Peapod, green tea, lemon grass, Serrano or allspice. I’m a mess!

  16. Lovely scarf. Hmm, I have got some some BFL Silk Cashmere lying around…

  17. I have been really wanting a cabled pullover sweater lately, so I would start with the Reilly sweater. Looks like a great pattern book!

  18. I really like the Thermal Tunic!

  19. Lovely scarf and very beautiful colour,

  20. I have a wedding for a teaching colleague in July….just enough time to knit the Leafy Throw!!!

  21. Ooh, the Thermal Tunic looks really cozy!

  22. Claudia Roberts

    I looked at all the patterns but liked the Autumn scarf the best although I would likely make it shorter than shown.

  23. purplepenguin

    I love Thermal Tunic. It looks so cozy, and it is in my plush size!

  24. I love the Autumn Scarf. The leaves are my favorite part too.

  25. I’d start with the scarf. It’s adorable.

    lmecoll on Ravelry

  26. I love leafy designs – so definitely want to knit the autumn scarf! The leafy throw also looks fun 🙂

  27. I think that I’d start with the Annisa cardigan and then work my way through the rest of the book. Your scarf is lovely.

  28. I would pick your scarf! I love it, as I do all your designs! Then the Annisa cardigan. Then the leafy throw. Congratulations on all your publications coming to print 🙂

  29. Debby Carmichael

    The color is perfect for the pattern! I LOVE it!

  30. First of all, the Knitpicks picture for your scarf is awesome, they found a great model for this book! I wish you all the best with sales/etc. I would probably make the Reilly pullover, because I’m a sweater gal and it looks cozy and interesting enough to keep me going. Reach me as dayana on Ravelry or at Keep the designing strong! 🙂

  31. I am having a hard time choosing between the Annisa Cardigan or the Thermal Tunic. I think the cool weather just makes me want to wrap up in something warm and squishy. Thank you for the chance to win!
    strawberrykid on ravelry

  32. I really like the Thermal Tunic; really nice. sewsable on Rav

  33. Your scarf of course!!!

  34. I’m falling in love with your cardigan Annisa Cardigan .

    agutek on ravelry

  35. Love the collection-especially your scarf!

  36. Lovely Collection!! But i prefer your scarf over all!!

  37. I love them all!
    Kmb34me on ravelry

  38. Congratulations. All this success is very much deserved! Seeing as sweaters scare me, I’m interested in the scarf!

  39. Must make that scarf! It is gorgeous. I hope I win!!!

  40. Theresa Harper

    The leafy throw!

  41. wow, i didn’t pay much attention to the swish book until you said so… LOVE it, thank you!! i am looking for another scarf as a gift, so i would easily pick that one first! simple enough for a gift, but not boring in the least. annisa, reilly & the leafy throw would all be competing for 2nd though!! beautiful book! congrats on all your designs coming out.

  42. Leslie A. Gordon


  43. I love the leafs in your scarf! Would love to win the ebook!

  44. I would love to make the cover sweater, the Anissa cardigan.

  45. Would have to say this scarf. Love! 100Creations @ ravelry

  46. I would probably start with the scarf, to get something done relatively quickly, but they all look wonderful and tempting!

  47. I love the scarf….it would be my choice to knit first!

  48. There’s some really pretty projects. I have used swish several times, and love working with it. Love the scarf and the dark green pullover. Decisions, decisions.

  49. Oh man – your scarf is beautiful but I also love the Leafy Throw and the Reilly Pullover! The Leafy throw might be first, to go with our new living room furniture though…

  50. Pretty scarf! It might be my first knit because I already have enough yarn, but I also love the Reilly Pullover.

  51. I really love the scarf — its long enough for my liking — but not sure how to do a provisional cast in the centre — so might have to learn a new skill to make it 🙂 Would adore the chance to win an ebook — I just learned to knit this year and am slowly building a collection of books/magazines/patterns for the future!!

    • It’s always fun to learn a new skill! There’s a video tutorial here on my blog for this technique; check the sidebar to the right for tutorials. A link is provided in the pattern, too. Have fun!


  52. The long scarf definitely grabbed my attention first!!

  53. How can you go wrong with orange? The scarf is beautiful.

  54. Thank you for the oppurtunity ! I would live the Autumn scarf! :))


  55. I’d most likely knit the Autumn Scarf. It’s lovely.

  56. Linda Shields

    Congratulations on a beautiful Autumn Scarf. My goal at the moment for my knitting is to have something “new” as part of every project I start. The provisional cast on as well as the looped stitch that resembles a cable would fit the bill perfectly. (Yes, it does get cold enough in Kuwait to stand having a scarf.) Salam wa sa’aadah Linda

  57. It is really long – but it is long and lovely!

  58. Beautiful collection!

  59. These are gorgeous!

  60. I would make the cardigan. I love the braided cables around the neck. With Christmas knitting, this would be my third project planned for 2014 🙂

  61. Nancy N (n2n on Ravelry)

    Lovely! I love the Annisa Cardigan. If I started it now, it could potentially be ready in 2018, so I would probably have to take a scarf break midway.
    Thanks for the chance.

  62. Oh my dear, what a great collection of beautiful patterns! I love them all, would knit them all but first start with your scarf because I love it -and it seems better to have soemthing smaller than another sweater on the needles with all my wips and ufos going 😉

  63. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I Will begin with Annisa Cardigan because I love all the details!

  64. I would love to win the ebook. I like knit picks and I like your design esthetic.