Autumn waterfall hike

September was hugely rainy, and I was mourning the lack of closure to a spectacularly beautiful summer. October brought back clear skies, but cooler temperatures. I’ve been deadline knitting/designing non-stop for the past month, and feeling the need to get outdoors before the rain returns! I wanted to re-do the waterfall hike we took in July, because the twin waterfalls were a little lacking in water then. Susan and I headed there on Monday, but at the last minute I opted for the Horsetail Falls loop instead, because Pony Tail Falls is more dramatic. Same exit on the freeway, turn right instead of left! The Columbia River Gorge has many options.

The hike begins at Horsetail Falls. I used to come here a lot in the summers when the kids were little. They’d play in the splash pool; it’s nature’s air conditioning.

Horsetail Falls

The trail goes upwards along five switchbacks, and then levels out. About half a mile in is Pony Tail Falls.


I love this one, because you can go behind it.

Pony Tail Falls

Ponytail Falls

Further along the way is Middle Oneonta Falls.

Middle Oneonta Falls

We met a couple hikers who encouraged us to take a side trip to Triple Falls. This one has been on my list for the last two years, so we did it. It was an extra 1.6 miles out and back from the trail we were on.


Spectacularly beautiful! It was definitely worth the trip.

thrill seekers

Can you see the two hikers at the top of the falls? I think they had to cross over on that log. I am not so adventurous.


The moss was really lush; this tree looks like a mossy spider.


Flowers? No, just bloomed out mushrooms.


more shrooms

Four waterfalls on a four mile hike, a great afternoon in the Columbia River Gorge. We’re lucky to live so close to so much beauty. And on the way home, we made a quick stop at Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls

Now I’m back to working on a new design project. Can I just say that I love giant graph paper?


Charts are fabulous. Do you prefer charted instructions, or line by line? What are you knitting now? Are you ready for fall?

11 responses to “Autumn waterfall hike

  1. Great pics! I can’t wait to try some of those hikes and explore the natural beauty of the area! Oh, and I vastly prefer charted instructions! 🙂

  2. Wow! Multnomah Falls is awesome!

    I like line by line usually, but I’m getting better at reading charts. Steve’s big blankie is 30 rows from being finished. Wingspan for the U.C.F. game on Nov. 16 is just started. Hopefully will be finished by then. And I am SO ready for FALL! I LOVE FALL!

  3. Gertrude Palm Girr

    I just love to knit, anything. I have worked with charts, but I usually write them out. The process clarifies the pattern.
    I am working on a shawl that represents the waves on the beach at Assateague. Very airy, very asymmetrical , and very forgiving. It is line by line.
    I am also working without a net (pattern) on an entrelac vest.

    • Your shawl sounds pretty!

      I tend to chart out written instructions, but don’t usually write out charts. I have one stitch dictionary that doesn’t have charts, and I either avoid that book, or chart the patterns.


  4. Beautiful photos! You are lucky to live so close to waterfalls. We have some in northern Wisconsin, but they are a 5-hour drive.
    I really love knitting lace and I much prefer a chart.

  5. Just last night I finished my first Zen Rain Shawlette — it just needs to be blocked. I absolutely love it! Those waterfalls look amazing; I will need to get there sometime with my kids.

    I prefer line by line but I sometimes use charts.

    • Thanks for knitting Zen Rain! Glad you like it.

      I usually include both charts and written instructions in my patterns, but I much prefer to work from charts. Lots of room for all of us in the knitting world!


  6. Oh I love the triple falls! How awesome. We usually do the loop with guests, who never want to hike that much. I am more line by line. Don’t know why, but just is easier for me to follow.

    • I’m not much of a hiker, but I love waterfalls!

      Good to know about the instructions. I just finished a pattern for a club, and was going to go chart only, but you’ve convinced me not to! Good thing my charting software can write the whole thing out for me. I find it hard to keep my place with written instructions, and getting them from chart to written can be a bear. Thank goodness for software…


  7. quiltyknitwit

    Such lovely pics – brings back memories of a visit I made there many years ago. I dislike charts (my brain anyway) & much prefer written out directions.