It’s Rhinebeck weekend

aka NY Sheep and Wool Festival. No, I’m not there. But this video makes me want to be there. So much wool! So much joy! Gale Zucker is a fabulous photographer.

While we’re on the subject of wool, Knit Picks is giving away a color sampler of their Palette yarn. That’s all 150 colors! It’s 100% wool, plied fingering weight. I’ve knit with it before and love my finished object. Which I can’t show you yet. (A recurring theme around here lately.) Go enter to win! You do have to
have a US or Canada mailing address to win.

And because I think all posts should have a picture, here’s Mookie, asleep on my yarn.

Sleeping Mookie

Have a great weekend, wherever you are!

5 responses to “It’s Rhinebeck weekend

  1. Aw, cute kitty!

  2. Awwwwwwww…I think I LOVE Mookie!

  3. How do you deal with Mookie and yarn? I just wrote about my cat, raised by a dog, that taught himself to fetch and retrieve crumpled post-it notes by sailing over the sofa! I guess I had a dog cat, but he loved the feather toy and ball roundabout in plastic so he still retained some semblance of feline.

  4. Mookie is very cute. Every time I sit on the couch to knit, my Tigger hops on my lap and paws the yarn just like that. She hasn’t fallen asleep doing it yet, though.

    • At least she leaves my knitting alone! I had a cat a long time ago that liked to bat at my knitting needles as I used them. That was way back when I used straight needles.