My Grandmother’s Knitting

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this gorgeous book, My Grandmother’s Knitting by Larissa Brown, at Sock Summit.



The book explores the question, “Who taught you to knit?” with 17 designers, including Meg Swansen, Jared Flood, Kay Gardiner, and more. It also features 21 patterns, some by the interviewees, and some not. Not all the interviewed designers have patterns in the book, but all the patterns are quite lovely. I especially liked this hat by Teva Durham, described as “somewhere between a slouchy beret and a milkmaid’s bonnet.” (and hey, that’s Sally!)


And I love these ‘Olina Socks by Emily Johnson, the creator of the Family Trunk Project.


Judy Becker contributed the pattern for this simply beautiful Grandma’s Fan Dishcloth. Of course it begins with Judy’s Magic Cast-On!


I think every knitter of a certain age knit house slippers like these, shared by Wendy Bernard.


Wendy goes further to add her own embellished version.


The book is beautifully photographed, and an easy size to hold and read (oversized books are nice to look at but make me tired!). It’s a perfect tribute to those who taught us to knit. Who taught you to knit? My Aunt Rose taught me when I spent the summer with her family at age 14. She was just here in town to help celebrate my mom’s 75th birthday. Of course we went on a yarn crawl. She was surprised to find that I didn’t own a swift and ball winder, and insisted on buying both for me as a gift. Thanks, Aunt Rose!

I just went looking to find the things she knit for my kids when they were born.


I’m filled with nostalgia. We just dropped our youngest in Orlando, Florida for college. We’re empty nesters! I think this means I’ll have a lot more time for knitting…

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  1. YouTube taught me to knit! not very nostalgic or traditional, but then neither am I. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the book review. It looks like a great one that will eventually end up on my shelves.

    The first few days of empty nesting always feel sad and lonely to me — and then I adjust! It’s nice to have less cooking, laundry, etc. I don’t know that I knit more, though. When Rachel is around, we watch movies together, which means knitting time for me.

    BTW, check out my blog. I finally have my Zen Rain FO posted. It’s a great pattern!

  3. Your Aunt Rose is a beautiful knitter! My aunt also taught me and my sisters to knit when we were quite young. It didn’t stick until 20 years later when I picked it up again. She was still alive when I re-started; I think it pleased her to have planted the knitting-seed in me!

    Happy weekend!!

  4. I love the pink socks and the house slippers with the pom pom!

  5. What beautiful baby knits! I taught myself to knit when I was about 10 & didn’t pick it up again until many, many years later. My regret is that I wasn’t knitting as much when my boys were wee ones.

    • Thank you! I also found a little cardigan that I knit, in the same box when I went to find my aunt’s knits. So cute!

      The nice thing about baby knits is that they’re way quicker when the kids are smaller…

  6. oh i very much like the look and concept of this book. I will track it down.

    My mother taught me to knit, way back in a dark Tasmanian winter in the 70s when I knitted a holey scarf for my dad.

  7. Don’t forget your music, or your husband! Now you can take trips. D

  8. What a lovely book and cherished memories of your aunt! I hope your son is doing well. My daughter’s transition was/is harder than I expected (for her, not me). We got my son off, too. He was a Stop, Drop and Roll! I’m certainly enjoying a return to routine and can’t wait to attack my knitting again.

  9. What lovely baby items your Aunt rose knit for you! Very inspiring.
    She knows what’s important: Of course you needed a swift and ball-winder!
    My grandmother enjoyed crocheting doilies but she lived far away. Other than learning to knit and purl in 8th grade home ec (didn’t make anything) I’m basically a self taught knitter who picked it up around 10-11 years ago.

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