lace triangles

I took at class at Twisted on Saturday, Designing Lace Triangle Shawls with Sivia Harding. Sivia is the queen of lace, and beads. I took a one hour wonder beading class with her at Sock Summit 2009. This class was six times better, because it was a 6 hour class! And there was some beading, too. We learned about basic triangle shawl construction, choosing a pattern, stitch dictionaries, how to chart our lace, swatching, transitioning between lace patterns, edgings, and beads. Whew! I came home inspired, and spent part of this afternoon working on a design.


Alas, it didn’t quite work out to be what I wanted, but I’m not done yet.

I also played with my camera the other morning; Franklin Habit’s class has inspired me to take more pictures. My camera is just a point & shoot Panasonic Lumix; it doesn’t have a very fast lens. I wanted to see if I could get it to play with depth of field. I’m still not quite sure how to make it happen with this camera. (I miss my film SLR…) I just kept playing with macro and zoom until I got these. I loved the way the sun was lighting the flowers of the dandelions, while the ground was still in shade. It looked like fairy lights, just magical.



Somehow weeds look so much better with a little bokeh!

Have you learned any new skills this summer? How are you using them?

5 responses to “lace triangles

  1. I have a Lumix too. Depth of field is one of the hardest variables with this camera, I think. Otherwise, though, it’s great.

  2. I love the pictures!!

  3. you sound so inspired! And I love the idea of designing lace with a glass of wine. Wine helps me write better so I reckon it will help you design better!

    The dandelion in the sun is lovely.

  4. The lighting onthe dandelion really is magical!

    I can’t do depth of field with my one-shot. It’s easier with my digital SLR — but it was even easier with film!

  5. How fun…a 6-hour class with Sivia!!! I imagine your designing plate is overrun with pretty swatches 😀 Share pictures, details soon, please. I’m dying to see them all.

    Camera–point & shoot are great when you are crunching for time and for those perfect shots that don’t come by too often in order for you to take time to set the right mode. Weeds are always pretty when you take time to photograph 😀 Plus, they are actually really good for your health if you mix them in your salad LOL Have fun with your new photograph skill 😀

    Me, I learned the new sock heel by Cat Bordhi and knitting a shawl jacket outside in aka a Swirl. As we are approaching Fall and Winter, I am going through my list of focus/to-do/to-learn study plan for coming months. Summer can be distracting. All good though. Happy designing 😀