A very fine Saturday at Sock Summit

Saturday was my favorite day at Sock Summit. It began with a delivery of more Zen Rain and Pacific shawl patterns to the Knitted Wit booth. Running out of patterns and needing more is a very good thing.

I then headed to Anna Zilboorg’s lecture on The Deeper Meaning of Sock Knitting. I could listen to Anna talk about anything; she’s warm and witty and wise. Some of her remarks: Sock knitting is intensely personal; once you know how to make a sock, you can put your favorite stitch pattern on it. Knitting is cooperative rather than competitive, and cooperation creates love, not envy. It is not hierarchical; anyone can knit a sock. We make necessary things beautiful. Knitting can be a spiritual exercise; we do it because we are searching for happiness, and knitting makes us happy.


After the lecture, I showed her the Turkish socks that I made in 1997. I had taken a color knitting class with her at Stitches that year, and she taught me to carry two colors in my right hand. (Video tutorial here, if you want to know how to do it, too.) These are the socks I was working on then. They’re thick and warm, perfect slipper or bed socks. As she did 14 years ago, she commented on the pattern and background colors (she sees pink as the pattern; I see it as the background). She also signed my copy of her book, Fancy Feet. I was thrilled!


I gave her my new Lantern Moon sheep tape measure (Lady Baa-Baa’s replacement). She seemed pretty pleased with it, having talked about “the sheep people” during her lecture. (That would be the knitters.) And Tina brought her striped sock cookies!


Meeting Anna again just made my day. But there was more fun ahead. I went to the marketplace to stand in line. Rachel was first!


What were we waiting for? A free preview copy of Larissa Brown’s new book, My Grandmother’s Knitting. I had seen a preview copy of this at the pre-summit luncheon, and really wanted a copy NOW so I could spend more time with it. It is gorgeous. I’ll tell you more about it in another post after I get a chance to sit down with it.


Could my day get any better? Amazingly enough, yes! I had a PDXKnitterati meet-up in the Knitted Wit booth at noon. It was great to meet lots of people that I previously only knew online, including Stacy. Her international cat hats caught my attention several years ago, and I’ve been following her knit and food blog ever since.


Pat from the UK brought both her Zen Rain and Pacific shawls!


We had a Zen Rain photo op.

zenrain photo op

These are some of the people who participated in the Zen Rain KAL, or test knit. I loved seeing all the versions of Zen Rain. Thank you, Lorajean, for hosting the meet-up!

I went home during the afternoon for a nap and skipped the flash mob. Too tired to even stay to watch it! But here it is, in case you need to know.

I gathered enough energy to help Glenna celebrate her birthday that evening! She finished her Peacock Feathers Shawl the day before and blocked it on the hotel bed.


I also met Meg, who was knitting her wedding veil at the last Sock Summit, and had some of the teachers knit on it then, too. She brought it along to this Sock Summit.


So why was this my favorite day? I think because of all the personal interaction. I’ve been enjoying my classes, but meeting up with people I’ve known from blogs and previous real life meetings is the icing on the cake!

If you came to Sock Summit, what was your favorite thing that made it special for you?

12 responses to “A very fine Saturday at Sock Summit

  1. :0) What a great post! My favorite (besides the photo op, of course!) hmmm – listening/watching/learning how the brain of Cookie A works & a very humorous & interesting class with Franklin Habit. I must say – so many people stopped to ask me about my Zen Rain shawl – I hope you ran out of patterns again! All in all – a great weekend, but I’m glad to be home!

    • It was a stellar weekend all around. Glad to hear Zen Rain was getting some questions for you, too. I had a lot of people ask me, and I gave them Knitted Wit buttons and my card. It seems to have worked; we sold lots of patterns!

  2. oh! So much to love. Just your summary of Anna’s talk is enough to tell me I’d have loved it too.

    What a wonderful day – it’s all been great but I can see why you loved this day. All those Zen shawls! Wonderful! And the wedding shaw!! *gasp*

    • There was so much more to Anna’s talk, too. I’ll see if I can get back to it.
      I was thrilled to see so many Zen Rains together, and I know there are more out there.
      And the wedding and peacock shawls were stunning!

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  4. Jenna Sarowitz

    oh, Michele, now I deeply regret not going this year (how could I have missed dancing with yarn?!), so I’ll have to make up for it by having extra fun at OFFF this year…
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Saturday was a great day. I am bummed I didn’t see the flash mob that would have been so cool. The Zen Rain photo op was very nice. I met some amazing people in that half hour time frame. Thanks Michele!

  6. It was lovely meeting you in person! I, too, missed the flash mob because I was exhausted and we had dinner reservations shortly afterwards. However, we did get to see a preview at the Sock Hop the night before.

  7. Sooooo fun! Love these re-caps. And your shawl looks so pretty on you!

  8. What a special day! I can hang with Anna Zilboorg anyday anytime. She was from my old backyard Berkeley 😀 Amazing, inspiring being.

    Your silky Zen Rain is shimmery gorgeous. Meg’s shawl brought back pleasant flashback of SS I. I remember how some stitches were dropped and she wasn’t able to UNDO…it was hilarious, fun, and precious.

    Thanks for the taste of the party 😀

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