Red hot knitting

Usually it’s all about the blues here. Blue is my favorite color, and a lot of my knitting is blue. But not right now. I’m currently in a red phase. The ruffle tank on the needles is red, my current sock design-in-progress (first sock weight yarn sock!) is a shade of pinky red, and I’m about to cast on Annis in red, too. What does this mean? Must be a reaction to our cooler than usual summer. No need to cool down with blues!


I finally sat down and knit the other swatch from my Designing with Japanese Stitch Dictionaries class. I don’t love it, but I’m pretty sure I did it correctly. It looks kind of like…underwear. One of the symbols on the chart was confusing (the slipped stitch), but this page was pretty helpful getting it figured out. Here’s the first swatch again; I still love it. There are four interesting new stitch maneuvers in this piece that I was very happy to learn.


One of my post-Sock Summit purchases has arrived! This is the most gorgeous book, and it makes liberal use of some of the stitch techniques we learned in Gayle Roehm’s aforementioned class. I’m really impressed by how clear the photos of the knit swatches are. This is the best so far of the three Japanese stitch dictionaries that I own.



Here are the other two, just for reference. A lot of the pictures in the last one are a bit overexposed, or maybe just flatly lit (no side light) so it’s hard to see what the swatch really looks like. But it’s a beautiful book, and still useful.



I’m really looking forward to incorporating some of these new-to-me stitches in future designs. I have several ideas cruising around in my mind, but I’m not ready to commit to any of them quite yet. I’ll finish the red projects and then settle into some lovely autumn design work.

Are you looking forward to fall? I’m not ready. Summer came late this year, and it’s a gorgeous August, not too hot, but blue skies and sunny. Are you knitting for summer or fall? I still have high hopes of wearing the red ruffle tank this month!

9 responses to “Red hot knitting

  1. We had a late start to summer too, so I don’t really want it to end just yet. And I’m currently working on a summer tank. At least if the warm weather disappears, I could wear it as a vest.

  2. Red is good. It means you will get a lot of wear out of the things you knit. I love Japanese stitches and enjoy every one of my collections. Enjoy and have fun playing with them. I’m sure you will turn them into some gorgeous as usual.

    Summer came later here too and we are enjoying every bit of all. Heading over the valley on Friday for a couple of days then to Portland. Hopefully, it isn’t as humid as it was a couple of weeks ago. I do not do well with humidity :0(

  3. October can’t come soon enough. In fact, some years only a week or two of October are cool enough to enjoy being outside. October in Louisiana is like August in Aspen: blue, blue skies and comfortable days, with crisp evenings.

  4. I’m in Oklahoma City where we just had our 48th day of 100 degree weather (if we pass 50, it’ll be a record), so YES…I’m ready for fall! I just cast on Annis and I know it’s going to be lovely. I’m using Madeline Tosh Light. Be aware though, that the cast on takes fortitude. 363 stitches! It took me 30 minutes. Ugh. Those Japanese stitch dictionaries look great! I’ve heard they are pretty easy to follow (probably from you). I’d love to get one sometime.

  5. what gorgeous stitch dictionaries!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with 🙂 As I live in SF, it’s like Fall all year round… so yeah, I guess I’m ready for it!

  6. I usually like blues as well, but picked up a couple of deep red/berry colored skeins at Sock Summit. Planning to knit a few shawls – I don’t really plan projects by seasons. But I love fall, so bring on the changing colors and pumpkins!

  7. Sorry, hon, but the first one looks like the most expensive diaper known to humankind. You know I love ya. Come visit! D

  8. I’m looking forward to spring but seeing you all planning your fall and winter knits makes me a little sad that our winter and all that great knitting weather (not to mention cardigan wearing weather!) is coming to an end.

  9. I LOVE Japanese stitch dictionaries. When you get to know them, things in patterns that seemed miraculous suddenly seem quite normal. That little bunch-of-flowers stitch is great. I’ve been trying off and on to get a similar effect working top down (so I can put it on a sock), but haven’t yet been satisfied with what I’ve done. Enjoy!!!!