Sock Summit Friday

Have you seen and/or knit on the world’s largest sock? This baby has been traveling from event to event since 2006. It’s sponsored by Skacel, and is being knit with their yarn and needles. The initial cast on was 1500 stitches; who knows if that’s still the stitch count now!



It’s a congenial gathering place for knitters to sit and knit a bit in the company of other knitters. The cuff is currently 7 feet long, and the heel turn will occur after the cuff reaches 12 feet. I think second sock syndrome could be an issue here.


While at the sock, I got a peek at a preview copy of Judy Becker‘s new book, Beyond Toes: Knitting Adventures With Judy’s Magic Cast On. It’s gorgeous. Twenty-three patterns using her famous cast on (originally for socks), and not a sock pattern in the bunch. Rachel is holding the book in this picture; her daughter is the model pictured. And Bobbie, on the right, was hosting the giant sock.


Carrie (IrishGirlieKnits) had a meetup at the Knitted Wit booth. She’s a sweetheart!


And Michelle showed me the Lorna’s Laces yarn that is the exact colors of the Portland Race for the Cure theme colors. There was no way she wasn’t buying it, and to be safe, she bought two! Click here if you’d like to donate towards her race/walk. She participates every year to celebrate being a survivor.


I had a class in the afternoon, Choosing Among Choices with Laurel Coombs. We were supposed to come with a swatch in the yarn we wanted to use. I didn’t bring any extra yarn that wasn’t engaged in needles, so when Laurel began with teaching us the Turkish cast-on for a toe up sock, I sidled out the door and ran back to the Knitted Wit booth to borrow some yarn. I knew there were some balled yarn in a jar as a display, and thought I’d make off with one of those, since there was no time to wind. But Lorajean cheerfully gave me her little sock start (colorway Snapped Dragon) and told me to knit from the other end of the ball. This is what I ended up with. I didn’t cut the yarn to practice the sewn bind off, so she can just frog it and carry on…


When I got back to the market, I ran into the cutest hobo ever. Doesn’t Stevanie look like she’s running away from home? But really, she was bringing the trunk show for the Created in Oregon datebook to the Twisted booth.


I haven’t seen many knit hats being worn, this being summer. But there seems to be two other types of headgear being worn at Sock Summit. Tiaras, sparked by a conversation on Ravelry, I think. This is Kellie, who is really pleased with her new yarn! She was in the class I taught at Twisted on Tuesday.


The other headgear is…knitted Viking helmets! I love the flower buttons on the right.


Knit on!

3 responses to “Sock Summit Friday

  1. Thanks for sharing some of the fun and excitement. It looks like a hugely successfuly event. I loved seeing two of my favorite bloggers in one picture: You and Irish Girlie!

  2. I knitted the sock at SS1. Wonder just how much it has grown since then?!

  3. My two sisters and I had the privilege of knitting on this beautiful sock. We were glad we weren’t working on the gusset. What a great idea! Loved it!