Sock Summit Sunday

I arrived early before my morning class so I could see the sheep for the Fleece to Foot Challenge. It was before 9 a.m., but the sheep were already being prepped for shearing. Apparently belly wool is removed before the actual shearing because it’s messy.


I couldn’t stay for the shearing; I had a class, Designing with Japanese Stitch Dictionaries with Gayle Roehm. I learned several new stitch techniques, and also learned that I’ll be needing another book to help me decipher the charts in the stitch dictionaries I have, and the ones I’m planning to buy. Japanese knitting symbols are fairly standardized, so the new book will help a lot. (eta: Clear and Simple Knitting Symbols, ISBN 9784529024136) This is one of the swatches from class. It has lifted stitches, wrapped stitches, crocheted bobbles and more.


By the time I returned to the marketplace after class, the Fleece to Foot challenge was proceeding in earnest. Yarn was being carded, spun, plyed, knit. Here are the two teams from Portland: The PDX Puddlejumpers team:


And the Spin U team.



If you’d like a full report on the Fleece to Foot Challenge, you’ll find it here from our local newspaper.

Sock Summit was great, and now I have to process all the information I took in, and figure out what to do with it. I’m even knitting a sock, with sock yarn, and live to tell the tale. It’s only 56 stitches around; I have small feet! Skinny yarn on skinny needles is not so scary after all. These are Lantern Moon ebony size 1 dpns.


I was pretty restrained in my purchases; I still don’t really stash yarn! But there were a couple things I had to have. Another skein of Alpha B Luxe, but this time in red. My gray Zen Rain that I wore all weekend is made with this yarn; I love the drape that the silk adds. The other yarn is Penny Farthing Sock, color Fathom by Little Red Bicycle. The marine blues sucked me right in. This is a mega-skein, so it’s 500 yards/150 grams of merino/cashmere/nylon (80/10/10).


I also bought Intwined design software, and am really looking forward to playing with it. I’d been thinking about it for a while, but it really helped to see the demo at the show. Review later! And my first purchase, the little Cthulu Turkish spindle from Jenkins Woodworking.

Since I gave away Lady Baa-Baa and her unnamed replacement, I picked up another sheep. This time it’s brown. I think I’ll call him Lambert. We’ll see where in the world he ends up!


Were you at Sock Summit? What was your favorite thing? And if you weren’t at Sock Summit, come in 2013!

11 responses to “Sock Summit Sunday

  1. You are such a restrained knitter! While I did buy yarn for 2 specific projects, I also bought ‘stash’.
    Have we really convinced them we need to do this again? I hope so!

  2. I wasn’t there, but one of these years, I’ll make it! And look at you GO! Socks….with sock yarn! I’m so proud. 🙂 btw….you will LOVE Intwined. I use it for all my charted designs. It’s fabulous! There are some kinks, but it’s still great.

  3. So so so jealous! Glad you had so much fun and I’ll keep hoping for Sock Summit East.

  4. Your Japanese swatch is stunning. Are you going to make it into a project? I love using my dictionaries and rarely need to go search for how-to. Most pictorials are clear enough for me to tackle them. It also helps that many Japanese and Chinese written forms are alike and I am quite frequent in my reading.

    Intwined is one I have been thinking of getting too. So, I’d love to hear your review once you have more time playing with it, putting it to good use.

    The umbrella hats are kickers 😀 Did they win? I’m still catching up from being gone last week so haven’t made my way to read the article. I guess I will have to…if I want to know who the winner is 😀

    I love the two yarns you picked up, great colors. Though I didn’t think of SS2 at all while I was at the lake, I’m glad to hear there is a third one. This time, I may just be able to go as the teen said she isn’t interested in returning next year (so it means no the following year either.) Somehow, the camp leader was very mean this year to her and two others, played favorites, and was yelling at them like “You’re a train wreck”?! As home-educator, this really doesn’t sit well with me and hubby either, we are still contemplating whether or not to address it with the musician and camp director. This coming from my teen must be really bad as she is quite tolerable with tough/unfriendly instructors/beings. She’s known to be the diplomatic one. Nonetheless, 2013 is looking promising.

    THANK YOU for the taste of SS2, Michele. I look forward to seeing more of what you learned unveil overtime 😀

  5. oh, could you tell us the name of the book to help out w/Japanese knitting (stitches) that you mention above? It is one of those things when you see a pattern, it is Saturday night, and then you think … what do I do know (about getting some info to help you out) … thanks!

  6. Thanks much for the info – I’ll start looking for it!
    I really appreciate it!

  7. I went to the marketplace Saturday afternoon. Missed out on the flash mob though. I bought fiber and not even dyed fiber. I just couldn’t make up my mind. I think I am going to have to start saving up as I’d love to take a class next year, if they come back.

  8. I thought it was GREAT this year!! The only thing I was unhappy about was that I had thought I would be able to sign up for one of the one-hour classes at the door; I thought I had, specifically, read that online before the Sock Summit started, so of course, like a dummy, I didn’t even try to sign up in advance–& then was told I couldn’t get in because the class was full. Darn It!! (Which was also the class I wanted to take.) Oh well–next time I;ll be older & wiser!!)

  9. Love your new sock, pretty color!! I loved every second of the Sock Summit and the Fleece to Foot challenge was so much fun to do.
    I did some serious “stash enhancement”, but then again, sock yarn does not count as stash they tell me!
    do I see vikings in the back ground 🙂 ??