Graduation Day

It’s been a whirlwind here. TheTeen graduated from high school over the weekend, and it’s been non-stop activity!



I got a tiny bit of knitting done during the ceremony, but I think it really wants a bigger needle. What do you think?


My in-laws were here, and we visited the Japanese Garden.



These Bonsai moss cups remind me of something…



TheTeen (does he become CollegeDude, since CollegeDude became CollegeGrad?) is off in Orlando (already!) at University of Central Florida for registration and orientation. This picture is from a March visit. Go Knights!


9 responses to “Graduation Day

  1. Wow! I can’t believe they have registration and orientation already! When does he go back for classes? You must be very proud!

  2. Wow! You’re barely over graduation and he’s off! Good luck to the CollegeTeen. he’s going to have an amazing experience.

  3. Congratulations!

    CollegeTeenDude already?! Wow!

  4. Congratulations! Although having a high school grad is bittersweet. I love the connections to the wider community you get from having children in school. But it’s also exciting to see them morph into adults!

  5. morewithles

    MAZEL TOV! How does it feel to be an empty nester?!?!

  6. Congrats! And I feel your pain. Not only was the last month busy with concerts, awards, etc, but we had graduation a huge party and then a few more parties we hosted, and all the ones we are now attending. I’m so thrilled that I have no commitments today!

  7. Congrats to you and The Teen! What an exciting time for both of you (though probably a little sad for you as he will be moving away soon, no?).

    And I think the knitting is fine the way it is… then again I like to block my shawls quite severely. 😉

  8. Kudos to the graduate! The Japanese Garden is always lovely. Knitting looks great to me, although you could get away with using a needle one or two sizes bigger. Pretty stitch pattern!

  9. No “college dude,” as even you will have a tough time piecing that together over the years! When did I start calling him….” College guy, or reference the state. Great photos! Dee