Coming up for air…

It’s been graduation/guests/music chaos around here, but we’re finally getting back to normal.

Last week’s 18 rows of Zen Rain at graduation?


Frogged. I made it to 24 rows while chaperoning the All Night Graduation Party, and realized I didn’t like how firm the fabric was. This yarn is single ply Rambouillet, and it’s interesting to knit with. It’s a bit thick/thin in places. It felt thinner than the yarn I was knitting with previously (Alpha B Luxe B, and I still need to finish binding that one off), but it knit up way more firmly on a size 6 needle. I was afraid it wouldn’t be loose enough to block out to the gossamer texture I want. Hence, the frog. I started over with a US 7 needle, and am much happier. Yesterday I was on row 44.


And today I’m on the ruffle.


My basement has been a blocking studio! I have a futon sofabed down there, and it’s great for blocking shawls. I can stab pins into it to hold the blocking wires, and it doesn’t hurt anything. It’s also away from the cat, so she doesn’t “help.” This week I blocked Lorajean’s Octavia shawl, and Christina’s Zen Rain.


It was a busy music weekend, too. The Day Old Pastries sang in church. It was Pentecost, and we sang a new song; I wrote the lyrics and a friend wrote the music. Come Holy Spirit, Come.

I also wrote a song for the Teen for graduation, and sang it for him just before. It’s called Graduation Day. Caution: it’s really sentimental! Can you tell I’m having empty nester issues?

I think we’re caught up…

4 responses to “Coming up for air…

  1. I know the feeling! It’s been so busy here I haven’t had a chance to comment on my favorite blogs lately. Hope you have a great summer!

  2. I can’t believe how much knitting you’ve gotten done. I haven’t even swifted my yarn for my Zen Rain yet, but I’ll get to it. There’s a lot of rain in the forecast, which is good for knitting!

  3. morewithles

    Oh man, I listened to the first 30 seconds of your beautiful song but I had to stop because I was so teary! Gorgeous!!! Congrats!

  4. How did you sing that song to him without bursting into tears? Beautiful song, beautiful voice, very lucky son.