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Coming up for air…

It’s been graduation/guests/music chaos around here, but we’re finally getting back to normal.

Last week’s 18 rows of Zen Rain at graduation?


Frogged. I made it to 24 rows while chaperoning the All Night Graduation Party, and realized I didn’t like how firm the fabric was. This yarn is single ply Rambouillet, and it’s interesting to knit with. It’s a bit thick/thin in places. It felt thinner than the yarn I was knitting with previously (Alpha B Luxe B, and I still need to finish binding that one off), but it knit up way more firmly on a size 6 needle. I was afraid it wouldn’t be loose enough to block out to the gossamer texture I want. Hence, the frog. I started over with a US 7 needle, and am much happier. Yesterday I was on row 44.


And today I’m on the ruffle.


My basement has been a blocking studio! I have a futon sofabed down there, and it’s great for blocking shawls. I can stab pins into it to hold the blocking wires, and it doesn’t hurt anything. It’s also away from the cat, so she doesn’t “help.” This week I blocked Lorajean’s Octavia shawl, and Christina’s Zen Rain.


It was a busy music weekend, too. The Day Old Pastries sang in church. It was Pentecost, and we sang a new song; I wrote the lyrics and a friend wrote the music. Come Holy Spirit, Come.

I also wrote a song for the Teen for graduation, and sang it for him just before. It’s called Graduation Day. Caution: it’s really sentimental! Can you tell I’m having empty nester issues?

I think we’re caught up…

Graduation Day

It’s been a whirlwind here. TheTeen graduated from high school over the weekend, and it’s been non-stop activity!



I got a tiny bit of knitting done during the ceremony, but I think it really wants a bigger needle. What do you think?


My in-laws were here, and we visited the Japanese Garden.



These Bonsai moss cups remind me of something…



TheTeen (does he become CollegeDude, since CollegeDude became CollegeGrad?) is off in Orlando (already!) at University of Central Florida for registration and orientation. This picture is from a March visit. Go Knights!


in which I show you an FO

FO: as in finished object.


CollegeDude graduated from the University of Oregon on Monday. We’re all very proud of him, and thrilled to pieces. But now I need a new name for him…

It’s been super-busy around here, with just a little knitting. I did have several hours of knitting time in the car on the way to and from graduation, so I worked on Passiflora. My gauge swatches told me I needed to go down 3 needle sizes, so I did. It’s worked in the round, so it takes a while to get much length on the needles! I got about 3 inches done, and saw that it was way too tight. So I went back up 2 needle sizes, and started over. Depending on how I looked at it, I was either spot on, or way off. So I just kept knitting. I’m now halfway through the third ball of yarn, and I’m pretty sure I’m making gauge…or not.


The hem really curls. If I had any sense at all, I would steam it to see if it’s going to hang straight.


But I don’t want to get the ironing board out. It’s hiding to the left side of my IKEA shelves. You remember these.


They’re still this neat and tidy, except I filled that empty space with the knitting bag that’s supposed to be there. Perfect.

Eventually I’ll check about that hem. But not today…