June busy-ness

The year is flying by! Happy June!

I’ve cast on for the Zen Rain KAL. I’m using the May Harvest pink Rambouillet that I received from Knitted Wit’s Community Supported Yarn club. Isn’t it pretty?


I’m trying to decide if I want to use a bigger needle. This Rambouillet is not as slippery as the Alpha B Luxe B yarn, so it’s knitting up tighter. I still haven’t finished binding off the Alpha B version, either. It has the rufflier ruffle.

luxe bind off

For now, I’m just admiring how the colors look together.


Do you want to join the KAL? Or do you just want to watch our progress? Come visit my PDXKnitterati group on Ravelry!

In other news, my Hanami Cowl and Wristlets pattern went live on the KnitPicks IDP site today.


hanami kp set

And it’s graduation weekend for the Teen. Think I’ll get any knitting done this weekend?

10 responses to “June busy-ness

  1. Congratulations to the teen! I suspect you’ll spend more time with the camera than with the knitting. Enjoy, proud parent!

  2. WOW…busy gal indeed. I love Rambouillet. Keep in mind it will bloom 😀 Beautiful!!!! They all brought me SMILE with much needed sunshine 😀 Thank you.

  3. Happy Graduation!!! Very exciting!

    I got alphabet foam floor things, I can block on them!! I just need to get wires, and oh, a place the kids one get to it! Maybe with the warmer weather I’ll block out side in the sun.

  4. Congratulations to the Teen! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating!

  5. Congrats to the teen. Hope he has a wonderful graduation and then it’s GO KNIGHTS!!!!

  6. I just lOVE the writstlettes! I might make some for my teens too!:-)

  7. That’s a very pretty pink and I love it with the grey — maybe you can knit a grey sweater to go under the pink shawl?

  8. oh it’s so pretty! It’s going to be lovely in pink. I’m trying to get to the point where I can start but i think realistically i won’t for a little while yet. Two shawls already needing to be finished. ARRGH!

  9. Love it and best wishes to the Teen on his graduation. My grad day I drove myself (family to arrive later) with cap & gown in back seat. I forgot to open the garage. My nervousness abated after I lifted the garage door, started the car and drove downtown.

  10. I’m planning to do my Zen Rain in pink, too. I can’t wait to find a few moment to swift the yarn!