just breezing through…

I finished my blue Breezy Market Tote this weekend.


Just in time! The next installment of Twisted’s Single Skein Club is out.


But I’ll have to show you what’s in it next time; I don’t have pictures yet. I’m tossing this into my bag, along with the new guitar strings, and going camping tomorrow. See you in a few days!

11 responses to “just breezing through…

  1. The suspense!!! Where are you going camping?

  2. I thought that’s what it was…guitar string. First take was it’s a part of the sock club goodie-DUH! We may be in Portland this weekend. It’s too bad you won’t be. I was hoping we can get together. Oh well…Have a great time camping.

  3. It’s gorgeous!!!

    Have fun on the camp trip! Can’t wait to see what’s in the package.

  4. Love the bag! Inspires me to attempt one!

  5. oh the bag turned out just great! have fun camping…great weather for it!

  6. Great bag!

    Have fun camping!

  7. Have a great trip! What a fun market bag! 🙂

  8. great post title! 🙂 have a fun trip. i love when new stuff arrives JUST when i finish a project. 🙂

  9. Wonderful bag! Love the colour. Have fun camping!

  10. Camping! Ah, so jealous!!!