back from crafting, I mean camping…

I’m home, skeeter-bit, itchy, and happy. We were at Swift Forest Camp on the Lewis River in Washington. It was marvelous to look up and see this by day…


…and a million stars by night. Being away from city lights really changes the night sky. It’s too early for the Perseid meteor showers, but we saw several meteors streak across the sky each night, including a very bright one tracing the Milky Way. Gorgeous!

I brought my knitting, and I was completely engrossed in my ruffle tank. I ripped both front and back down to the neck shaping so I could adjust the depth of the neckline. I had a “duh!” epiphany: I needed to figure how far *down* from the shoulders I wanted the neckline before I could figure how far *up* to start it from the armhole shaping, since I was changing the depth of the armhole, too. That sounds like gibberish, but it makes perfect sense. I wish I’d thought that through the first time. I also decided to forego the keyhole neckline on the back, and give it the same shaping as the front. I finished front and back, and started adding the ruffles.


I love how this is turning out; the ruffles are fun to make and charming to look at.


I shopped for these beads for an ankle bracelet last month and hadn’t gotten around to making it. Carole designed and put this together for me since I was otherwise obsessed.


We had some bead stash sharing and swapping.


It’s a multi-family camp out, which makes it all the more fun. The teens woke up on Thursday and decided to try to make a sailboat with the inflatable raft. It’s amazing what they can do with sticks, duct tape, rope, and the rainfly from a tent.


And it worked! Mast, sail, working boom, and a paddle as a rudder.


We had a great time, even without our electronic toys. There was no cell service in the area, and sometimes it’s nice to be untethered. But I’m looking forward to my new iPhone4 on Tuesday!

10 responses to “back from crafting, I mean camping…

  1. Now that’s what I call camping!

  2. That looks like so much fun! You live in such a beautiful part of the country!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful get away!

  4. Sounds like fun – and have fun with your new toy!

  5. You have some smart kids there!!!

    Crafting in the woods sounds SO relaxing and the lighting — just perfect. Glad you had a good time on the camp out.

  6. That looks SO fun — crafting and camping! We’re not going camping this summer — I wish we were. And I’m on the list for an iPhone 4 too — mine will probably be here in a few weeks, though. (I’m trading in at Radio Shack and they receive very few 4’s each week.) I’m sure you’ll love it.

  7. It’s my kind of vacation. Absolutely zero hi-tech gadget. The anklet is gorgeous. I have those beads in my stash and now am itching to make some for moi too–it’ll have to wait until I get home 😀

    Look forward to seeing the ruffled tank. Blue is so soothing/calming to the eyes.

  8. Looks like a wonderful place to unplug, unwind, and re-knit!

  9. how utterly blissful! Great photos – esp that first one – and such pretty beads! Just lovely all of it.

    What do you think of your new iphone??

  10. You must visit and have your home base here, you’ll never want for comfort or good food. D